Tweets Sent to Comcast for Low ISPs

Bad ISPs?  Take it to Twitter

We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for”, but why is this not the case when it comes to our internet speeds?  One Comcast customer is no longer sitting quiet with the issue.  They use an ISP test function to check their speeds regularly, and if they are lower than what they are paying for an automatic tweet is published tagging Comcast with the current speed they are receiving, along with the question why it’s lower when they pay for a much higher speed.  The customer has went on to share their source code for this automatic tweeting function.  You can find this source code here, and click here for a free ISP test.


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5 thoughts on “Tweets Sent to Comcast for Low ISPs

  1. We’re having the same problem with the WOW! Internet service. One of their technicians is coming to the house tomorrow to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the issue. What makes this even more interesting is that WOW! snail-mailed a letter to us several months ago boasting that they were doubling our download speed from 30-to-60Mbps at no additional charge. My speed tests average around 10. I’d have been very happy just to get the 30 we’re paying for…

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