Questionable Antivirus Reviews

Questionable Antivirus Reviews

A Google search for antivirus reviews revealed the following results at the top of the page.

Important to note these are paid advertisements.

Both of these sites – which on closer examination appear to be designed if not owned by the same company – provide information about several antivirus software applications.


Don’t Miss These Disclosures

However, visitors to these sites – may miss 2 very important disclaimers on the front page:



Several fascinating points in these disclosures:

1. The site is compensated by referral fees provided by the software companies that are reviewed.

2.This compensation “impacts the ranking of the sites”.

3. Other factors impacting the rankings include – “your location, likelihood of downloading the software”.

These sites exploit loopholes in Google advertising policy – paying to drive traffic to their sites filled with ‘independent’ reviews of software – that are paid for by the companies that developed the software being reviewed.

Looking for reviews? We suggest you seek more credible sources.

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4 thoughts on “Questionable Antivirus Reviews

  1. I treat all the gold Ad boxes on Google as a virus. Most of them are virus’s while the remainder are just plain SPAM. Google is nice enough to inform us that they are garbage by highlighting them with the gold Ad box.

  2. You suggest more reliable source for antivirus reviews….would be much appreciated if you can help with suggestions of websites that are reliable with their analysis?

  3. “These sites exploit loopholes in Google advertising policy”
    What can be done to close this loophole aside from sending a message to Google?

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