The Best Sites for Tech Help & News

The Best Sites for Tech Help & News

We recently asked our TechTalk contributors to share their favorite FREE sites for tech help & news – other than & their own 🙂

Listed below are their recommendations and related comments:


Youtube – so I can watch a tear-down of a laptop I’m not familiar with. – is another great site to learn how to take apart and repair computers you may not be familiar with.
Dell, HP, Lenovo – When dealing with major brand name computers I like to go straight to the source for the manual.

Leo Notenboom:

I’ll put in a plug for the Microsoft Community. There are a LOT of answers out there. The downside is that you need to wade through a lot of things that, to put it politely, aren’t answers. Sometimes part of what I do is simply curation: locate answers there and translate them into everyday English.

Big fan of Naked Security’s blog for security related news and tips.


I regularly follow Brian Krebs for the latest information on security breaches and hacking issues: One of the most highly regarded people in that area.

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