Did You Know a Duck Uses PC Matic?

Did you know a duck uses PC Matic?

By Richard Hay
PC Pitstop Customer Service
Help Desk Technician

OK – maybe not a real live duck with feathers and all but the man behind the voice of an iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, which happens to be a duck, is a user of PC Matic.

Jimmy Weldon, an American voice and live action actor, provided the voice for Yakky Doodle the little duck on shows like Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear and others throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. He also appeared in several television shows such as Dragnet, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Waltons, Dallas, and Diff’rent Strokes.

As one of the help desk technicians for PC Matic I get to interact with our customers every day. Folks will contact us on the help desk for a wide variety of reasons and we all work to help them get their software performing at its peak of performance. Most of the time these interactions are pretty routine but the interaction I had with Jimmy ended in a very unique way.

After solving the concern he had through a couple of email exchanges, Jimmy replied back to say a final thanks and shared who he was, which you now know from what you read above.
So we continued with a couple of extra email exchanges and I learned much more about this energetic PC Matic customer.

These days he spends his time as a motivational speaker sharing his experience with companies, organizations and schools about America a country he obviously loves.

Jimmy is 91 years young and served our country during World War II. He was in Patton’s Third Army with the Combat Engineers which was attached to the group that liberated the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

As a great American himself he loves to share his American experience as he told me in his own words as we wrapped up our email conversation:

” As PC Matic is an AMERICAN company, I would be PROUD for everyone to know I’m ANOTHER AMERICAN whose passion is talking to students about our great country, AMERICA.”

You can learn more about Jimmy and his activities at the following links:

Jimmy Weldon, The Voice You Remember
The Center For Youth Patriotism

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