The Future of Hard Drives

Your next hard drive might be a combination of ‘magnetic mass storage with the speed of solid-state memory’.–PC Pitstop.

The Future of Hard Drives

By Bob Rankin

Solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs) are emerging as the future of mass storage. Combining the blazing speed of flash memory with the low cost of traditional magnetic media, SSHDs provide significant performance improvements that ordinary laptop and desktop users can afford. Here’s what you should know about this new tech that can rev up your old computer…

What is a Solid-State Hybrid Hard Drive?

I’ve written before about solid-state hard drives, also known as SSDs. Unlike a traditional hard drive which uses spinning magnetic platters, an SSD drive has no moving parts. And they’re fast. See my related article SSD Hard Drives Offer Blazing Speed for some facts and figures on SSD drives.

The “problem” with SSD technology is that it’s more expensive per gigabyte than a standard hard drive. So enter the hybrid. Solid-state hybrid drives combine magnetic mass storage with the speed of solid-state memory, plus a little software magic, to strike a beautiful compromise. A case in point is the evolution of Seagate‚Äôs hybrid drive product line.

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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