Malware Disguised as a Funeral Notice

Malware Disguised as a Funeral Notice

Email phishing efforts know no limits — malware now delivered via fake funeral notices.–PC Pitstop

By Stu Sjouwerman, for Security Awareness Training

Another one to warn your employees about. The bad guys do not hesitate to exploit the most basic fears of people; the sudden death of a loved one. The message claims to be from a funeral home and notifies the recipient about an upcoming funeral and instructs them to click a link to view their invitation and more details about the ceremony.

Of course the email is a phishing scam and clicking on the link opens a compromised website that tries to download Trojan malware to the workstation and makes it a zombie connected to a botnet. Here is a picture how this scam looks:


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2 thoughts on “Malware Disguised as a Funeral Notice

  1. I have received a couple of these. just deleted them. I have also received 2 bills.
    1 from PG&E out of California. And one from back in Washington DC. stating I owed about
    3 or 400 dollars. I live in Idaho. never used power from either co. looked up the number on the internet. called each company and alerted them of what was going on. JB

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