Seven Deadly Internet Security Sins

Seven Deadly Internet Security Sins

By Bob Rankin

Protect yourself from malware infection or identity theft by avoiding these seven internet security mistakes.–PC Pitstop

The Seven Most Common Internet Security Mistakes

A reader says: ‘I have anti-virus protection but somehow I got a virus anyway. How did this happen?’ That’s hard to say without knowing more, but chances are, this person made one of the seven Internet security mistakes on my list. Any one of them can lead to malware infection or even identity theft. Are YOU vulnerable? See the list now…

Are You Making Any of These Computer Security Blunders?

You may think that your Internet connection is secure because you have anti-virus software installed. But unfortunately, online security is not a set-and-forget thing; you need to be vigilant constantly and keep your protections up to date with the latest threats. Here are some of the most common Internet security mistakes that people make.

MISTAKE #1: Weak passwords leave your computer, router, and online accounts vulnerable to “dictionary attacks,” automated password-retry programs that run through lists of well-known common passwords until one works. Sure, a short, obvious password is easy to remember, but it doesn’t protect you well at all. Amazingly, one the most commonly used password is “password;” hackers probably get a kick out of that!

Common Internet Security Mistakes
A strong password should be at least 12 characters long; as random as possible; and a mixture of alphabetic, numeric, and upper/lower case letters. Change your passwords every few months, and never use one that is part of your public identity, i. e., your name, birth date, home street, etc. Here are some additional tips on choosing a strong password:

Would You Click On This?
Is Your Password Hacker Proof?

6 More Internet Security Mistakes – Article Continued Here

Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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