How to Fight WindowsRot

How to Fight WindowsRot

By Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

Learn how to fight against Windows slowdown otherwise known as WindowsRot.–PC Pitstop.

With Windows 7 Microsoft has tried to make PC experience easy and clutter free for its users. It has many auto optimizing features to make your PC run smoother, but you must know some basic computer optimization tips to make your computer work.

It doesn’t matter how fast or shiny computers might be when they’re new, they all seem to get slower over time. That state-of-the-art PC you bought last year might not feel like such a screamer after you install a dozen programs, load it with antispyware and antivirus tools, and download untold amounts of junk from the Internet. The slowdown might happen so gradually that you hardly notice it, until one day you’re trying to open a program or file and wonder, “What happened to my PC?” This slowdown is called Windows Rot; although Microsoft has done a lot to reduce this, since Windows Vista.

Optimize Windows for better performance

Whatever the cause, there are lots of ways to help speed up Windows and make your PC work better even without upgrading your hardware. Here are some very easy and basic tips to help you optimize Windows 7 for faster performance:

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4 thoughts on “How to Fight WindowsRot

  1. I use PC Matic daily to keep my computer clean, however it doesn’t work all that well in keeping viruses out.
    I turned to G Data to protect my computer from viruses and attacks.
    I realize that no antivirus program is a 100%
    So far G Data has proved it’s very vigilant.
    I don’t mess around with free antivirus programs because you get what you pay for.

  2. Pretty much any program that you use only occasionally can be right clicked and turned off so that it does not start when windows starts up, leave your anti-virus and spyware detection programs set to start with windows, but any thing like skype, adobe, anything that you do no use regularly can be turned off. If it is needed by something you are doing, the program will call for it, turn off one note, outlook, things like that, if needed, your online email program will call for it, special viewers, and excess tool bars can also be turned off. Run disc cleanup on a regular basis, it is accessed thru accessories, tools. This will rid you of lot of temp files and excess registry entries, badlinks, and other things that will slow you down. Also update and run your spyware program at least once a week to keep junk from slowing you down.

    • @Douglas Glennie: When you go into windows msconfig, anything under the startup tab can be turned off as they are not necessary for windows to run, where under the service tab, there is an option to hide all windows service, if you select that, all the services that are now showing can be disabled, as they are for other programs (and they will be started up when you start said program)

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