Making a Wireless PC to TV Connection

Making a Wireless PC to TV Connection

By Bob Rankin

How to wirelessly send Netflix, Hulu, YouTube videos, photos and computer games from your PC screen to your TV.–PC Pitstop

If you have a laptop or desktop computer with an average sized screen, you’ve probably thought “Wouldn’t it be great if I could magically beam my computer screen to my nice big flat panel HDTV in the living room?”

Poof… you can! Some computers can connect directly to a television set with an HDMI cable, effectively turning your HDTV into a second monitor. But this is practical only over relatively short distances, and the cables can be messy and expensive. Computers that don’t have HDMI outputs can make a wired connection to an HDTV by using a converter box such as the Manta VGA to HDMI with 1080p Scaler by Sewell.

But hey, we were trying to do this wirelessly. So enter the age of the wireless video sending device. By connecting a wireless video transmitter to your computer, and a wireless receiver to your television, the problem is neatly solved. So how does it work, and which device is best for wirelessly sending websites, YouTube videos, photos, games and other content from your computer screen to the TV?
Wireless PC to TV

Let’s look at several wireless PC to TV devices to determine which is right for you. Some of them will even send what’s on your smartphone or tablet to your living

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Excerpt shared with permission from Bob Rankin.

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