The Best Free Windows Downloads

The Best Free Windows Downloads

By Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

The Windows Club identifies their favorite free Windows software in 24 different categories.–PC Pitstop.

From time to time, we have been covering good freeware and free software in our Downloads section. We have also been posting about ‘Best 5′ or ‘Top 10′ software in various categories. I am, in this post, listing links to such type of useful posts, which will help you get the best and most useful freeware for your Windows 8 or Windows 7 computers. If you don’t want to scroll down the entire list, use CTRL+F to find what you want on this page.

Free Parental Control Software
You need a parental control software to protect your kids from the many types of problems that an uncontrolled Internet access can create. Windows 7 includes a fine Parental Control software but if you are looking for a free third-party software, there are many such freeware available in the market.

Free Uninstaller software
Unwanted parts of files, folders and registry keys are many a times left behind, even after you uninstall software using the Control Panel or the program specific uninstaller on your system, thereby leading to a clutter. If you are looking for a better software uninstaller for your Windows computer, you might want to check out these 5 free uninstallers.

Imaging, Backup and Recovery Software
The Windows operating system includes in-built tools that let you backup and make copies of your files and create a system image. But it is found wanting in some features, and that is why many prefer to use one or the other free backup software available

Free File Compression software
File compression is basically a process that converts a file or a set of files to a specific format, after reducing its size/s. File compressions utilities, pack your folders and files in a single file that is easy to carry, which is also reduced in size. Let us take a look at the best 3 files compression utilities.

More of the Best Free Windows Downloads Continued Here

Shared with permission from The Windows Club.

PC Pitstop’s Top Free Software Report

PC Pitstop’s Top Free Software report shown below reflects our on-going attempt to expand the scope of identifying and reporting free software titles. As with previous reporting, we have limited this software listing to the top 100 titles based on the prevalence of the software for folks running the PC Pitstop applications and on-line scans. We are continuing the task of identifying free applications and it is our goal to become the most comprehensive listing of no cost software available.

The popularity percentage displayed in the freeware popularity ranking below represents the percentage of all PCs (which ran the PC Pitstop diagnostics scans last month) that had the particular freeware title installed on their PC. The Rank value is just a numerical representation of where the particular software falls in the overall list.


Free Software Popularity
(Based on PC Prevalence Percent)


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3 thoughts on “The Best Free Windows Downloads

  1. All must be clear when it comes to using the word FREE. Be clear as to what is free the DOWNLOAD or SOFTWARE? Not all are FREE. If so, then I can offer a FREE oil change of any car for $99.99 plus extra hidden unhidden fees!

  2. To uninstall a program I use Revo uninstaller pro. I does an excellent job and till now I had no trouble afterwards. And I know it is not for free.

    • @Paulus Kruijer:

      I have Revo and it’s really good but I’ve found you need to be careful as if you don’t know what your doing and try to use the advanced mode to delete certain stuff you can end up deleting the wrong things e.g. registry

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