Fix 4 Windows 7 Annoyances

Fix 4 Windows 7 Annoyances

by Richard Pedersen for Daves Computer Tips

How to fix four things about Windows 7 that may be annoying you.–PC Pitstop.

What is annoying to one person may not even be noticed by another. I fall into the first category– many things annoy me.

There are a few things about Windows 7 that get under my skin. Answering the same questions over and over again is one of them. Having the word ‘Shortcut’ on a desktop link irritates me as well. I already know it’s a shortcut.
After using Windows for a while, I don’t really need all those pop-up balloons telling me what things are for. Quit pestering me. It’s reminiscent of that terrible dog or paper clip that used to ‘help’ you all the time. Go play in the traffic! Good boy…

You get the idea. Here are four things that bug me and if they bug you, too, I’ll show you a way to alter that irritating behavior.

Important!! You can really mess things up when tinkering in the registry. Always make Registry backups before you change things. If you make a mistake and your system ends up ‘borked’ somehow, you can always restore to the original. You have been warned.

Opening The Registry Editor

To open the Registry Editor, click on the Start Button, type regedit, and hit the key.

If you are new to the Windows Registry, our very own Dave Hartsock has written an article right here on DCT that will tell you all about it– The Windows Registry Explained

Article Continued Here.

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3 thoughts on “Fix 4 Windows 7 Annoyances

  1. I am aware that some of those “annoyances” – which are extremely trivial – can be fixed with programs that are freeware or shareware. Why wouldn’t they point that out instead of encouraging people to play in a danger zone? And, really, some of these “annoyances” do not require anything other than making setting changes or doing things the manual way (such as setting the default program).

    Further, you don’t NEED to use regedit in order to make changes to the registry. The author COULD simply have informed readers of the string that can be typed into the CLI to make the change without the use of an editor. This method, assuming the user does a cut and paste from the article, would entirely remove the possibility of user error…Unless the user’s registry is set up differently (eg: not W7?).

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