Dell Offers to Fix Stinky Laptops

Dell Offers to Fix Stinky Laptops

Owners of a certain model of Dell laptop have been subjected to very unpleasant “cat urine” odours emanating from their new machines.

The powerful odour is “not at all health hazard” and seems to have been caused by a “manufacturing process that has now been changed,” according to SteveB, a senior technical consultant for Dell posting on the company’s support forums.

Dell was first made aware of the issue in June 2013 when a Dell user called “three west” first posted about the smell of a new Dell Latitude E6430u saying “the machine is great, but it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box. It is truly awful! It seems to be coming from the keyboard”.–The Guardian

The Fix

Dell has now announced that anyone affected by the problem can call 1-800-456-3355 or visit to report the fault. Dell will then send out a replacement palm rest, which the firm says will solve the problem.–Infopackets

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2 thoughts on “Dell Offers to Fix Stinky Laptops

  1. This is not a positive comment. I am very disappointed in this Laptop that I bought from Dell for over a thousand dollars. I paid $200 for a supposedly hardware problem. Then 2 weeks later your tech I had to pay another $200.00, this time for a software problem. I told your tech that I would not pay another penny to Dell. I would rather throw this laptop in the garbage before I paid another penny, and I would purchase another brand. I never had this problem when I had a Dell Desktop year’s ago.

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