Can You Maintain Privacy in New Big Brother Era

By Anand Khanse for The Windows Club

Can You Maintain Privacy in New Big Brother Era

Given the recent revelations about the NSA PRISM monitoring, everyone wants to know — how can we maintain our privacy?–PC Pitstop.

Though we have many articles on how to stay private on the Internet, it seems the NSA PRISM has shed water on all that. Of course, those articles will help you stay private – your ISPs and Data Centers won’t know what you are doing. Thus, local law enforcing agents and detectives may also be not able to access and intercept your work. But when it comes to NSA PRISM, can you avoid it? Yes… and No! In my opinion, getting around NSA PRISM is more of luck (or coincidence as many call it) based rather than application specific. We do have many methods to stay private on the Internet. Some sites say VPNs can help but tell me how NSA can leave them out if they can force Google into giving away your details?

Avoid NSA PRISM – Tips To Stay Private

This article talks about methods to stay private in the era of a new Big Brother – the NSA PRISM – where many of the data gathering centers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and what not) have already been co-operating with NSA officials. Do read our top ten programs for privacy and security on the Internet to stay secure.

Would You Want To Go Back To The Caves?

I won’t name them here but some of the very reputed websites gave advice that made me comment – get Internet disconnected, go back to caves and use jungle language to communicate. Would you agree if I ask you to leave or rather delete all of your social media accounts? Would you agree if I ask you to stop using phones for interacting with your peers? It was a pretty reputed website that carried an article asking people to leave social media sites – all of them. For me, it is not acceptable.

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