A Dead Motherboard and an Upgrade


A Dead Motherboard and an Upgrade

Listen to Observed Tech PODCAST Episode 88

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

So in this show we start off with a small confession on how I messed up a BIOS flash on my wife’s PC that did not work using the Windows based BIOS flashing software. That meant a dead motherboard and an upgrade for her machine. It is speeding along now with new motherboard, memory, processor and an SSD drive and she is happy – a required goal for family tech support folks!

We then talk about a new Microsoft Store in my hometown, going to space getting more expensive on VirginGalactic after their successful rocket powered test flight and all kinds of Windows Phone stuff such as more Instagram access attempts and a paid app for us while it is free for iOS users.

Then we cover the latest stats on Microsoft Surface sales numbers, Microsoft moving into the top 5 tablet vendors and the possibility of a second generation Surface device being unveiled in late June at Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference.

If you are looking at getting a Windows 8 based machine we tell you about a great collection of devices from cNet and even a discussion of whether you should get touch with that Windows 8 PC.

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