Add Website To Right Click Context Menu

by Alan Wade for Daves Computer Tips

Add Website To Right Click Context Menu

Reading the title of this article your first question would probably be why? And my answer would be… why not?

It’s a bit geeky I know and although this tip will work with Vista and Se7en, the real benefit is with Windows 8 in Desktop mode, it is a time saver to access site(s) that you visit regularly.


This tip involves editing the registry so as usual, before you start create a system restore point and/or back up your registry.

You can create a context menu item for any website you wish and have it open in your favorite browser but as I only have three browsers installed, the examples given will be for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Although I am going to explain this for Windows 8 everything is much the same for Vista and Se7en with the exception of opening the registry editor, which is click on the Start orb, type in regedit then press Enter.

With Windows 8, from the Start Screen type regedit and press Enter to open the registry editor.


Click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT then scroll down to and click on Directory, click on Background then on Shell.
Right click on the Shell key and select New then Key. Name the key anything you want, I named it DavesComputerTips – DCT.


Article Continued Here.

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