4 Windows Applications to Improve Your Productivity


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4 Windows Applications to Improve Your Productivity

Right out of the box, Windows is a great operating system for situations in which you want to get some work done fast. But did you know that with the help of a few simple applications, you can actually organize yourself and boost your productivity? Many people are using computers at one point or another in their workday. In this instance, it’s important to squeeze every second you can out of your time. Below are 4 Windows applications that will help you achieve that!

1. PasteBin’s Desktop Application

If you’re a professional programmer, chances are you’re working with others in a team. Sometimes you’ll want to send some code over to someone to review before committing it to the server. Programmers aren’t the only people who use this. Anyone who needs to communicate some details or paste large amounts of text via instant messaging services often use PasteBin rather than trying to cut the text into pieces. The problem with this is that you always end up opening a tab on your browser and logging in. The incessant repetition translates into lost time. By using PasteBin’s desktop application, you no longer have to worry about this.


You can paste all the text you want and submit it just like you would via PasteBin’s web interface. In the link I shared, you’ll also find the iPad app, the Windows 8 app (works on RT tablets), and the Google Chrome extension.

2. Peek Through

There will be times you will want to minimize a window to see what’s going on behind it. Instead of doing that, you can use a tool called Peek Through, which allows you to make the Window slightly transparent with a keyboard shortcut.


It’s a pretty neat tool for when you want to just have a look at something while typing.

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