My Windows Pictures Folder is Not Showing Thumbnails


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My Windows Pictures Folder is Not Showing Thumbnails

Don’t you just hate it when you go to your pictures folder or library and your picture folder is not showing thumbnail previews? This means your picture folder becomes very confusing and not being able to see the thumbnail previews for your pictures makes it extremely hard to find anything at all.

Here is a screenshot of my picture folder when the thumbnail pictures are not showing. I have Windows live Photo Gallery installed as the main picture editing program so this is the icon you can see. But I want to see a mini preview of my actual pictures.


How to show thumbnail previews in Windows

To show thumbnails in my pictures folder is the same process for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Seven. It is all done by accessing the Folder Options, the same place you go to show hidden files. Just a slightly different path to get there.

Windows Seven:

1. Open your picture folder by choosing pictures from the start menu.

2. You will see a menu at the top. Click on organize.

3. From this menu choose Folder and search options. See the screenshot below.

Steps Continued Here

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