CES 2013: Early Coverage from Startup Debut


CES 2013: Early Coverage from Startup Debut

By Dave Taylor

The Consumer Electronics Show started out early this year with an event two days prior to the official start of the show, Startup Debut. Held at a country club off-strip, it featured 40 or so small companies, many taking their first step into the spotlight with what can only be charitably be described as less than fully baked products.

New and innovative are what CES is all about for the AskDaveTaylor team, however, so we of course spent time checking things out so you can be on top of what’s coming out of Las Vegas this week, even if we had some stealth photography in the mix…

Again, keep in mind that at least a half dozen of the companies were either still in beta or were making their first announcement ever to a media-heavy room of tech press and video crews, including teams from CBS and Engadget.

Like most of these sort of events, not everything was notable. Some were companies that, quite frankly, probably need to go back into their garage and think through their offering versus the competition or their business model a bit more before unveiling their company to the wolfpack of CES tech journalists. We won’t name names, because they won’t rise about the 100dB noise level and gain coverage.

On the other hand, as always, there were a lot of really cool ideas, and a few companies that I think might well be going places if everything can work out just so.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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