Getting Pictures Out of Microsoft Word

By Allen Wyatt for Word.Tips.Net

Getting Pictures Out of Microsoft Word

When working with other people’s documents, you may wonder if there is a way to move graphic images out of the document and into their own files. There are actually several different ways you can accomplish this.

First, if you have a graphics program on your computer, you can simply copy the files from Word to the graphics program. Follow these steps:

1. Load the document that contains the graphics images.

2. Start your graphics program.

3. In Word, click once on the graphic you want saved in a file. Small squares (handles) should appear around the graphic, and the Picture toolbar may also appear.

4. Press Ctrl+C. This copies the graphic to the Clipboard.

5. In the graphics program, press Ctrl+V. This pastes the graphic into the graphics program.

6. Use the controls in the graphics program to save the graphic as you desire.

If you don’t remember installing a graphics program on your computer, you should check to see if Microsoft Photo Editor is on your system. It has been available with several versions of Office, although it is not installed by default. If you would like to install it, you can run the Office setup program to do so, and then use the steps above.

Another approach to getting graphics out of your document:

This post is excerpted with permission from Word.Tips.Net

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4 thoughts on “Getting Pictures Out of Microsoft Word

  1. I’m no pro, nor expert, so the quazlity seems okay when I do the following in regards to saving pictures from word. I simply click on the picture in word to get “the box” with the picture(s) in it) and then select “copy”. I then go to “paint” and click on “paste”. Depending on the quality of the picture in word; I can magnify the picture that I transferred to paint %300 or %400 without it getting grainy. I can then do some simple editing (magnified or not) as allowed by paint, as desired. Tthen I can save the edited picture via “save as” in “paint” in any of 4 formats to any file desired. If I need more advanced editing than paint allows; then I use one of many photo programs. There may be quicker methods but this always worked for me in win xp and win 7 and other previous ms windows. I never had vistato try it) Hope it helps

  2. Ctrl-C Ctrl-V never worked correctly for ‘Winword 2003’ into, say, MS Paint or even Paint Shop Pro. It somehow, for some reason, dropped quality back from 16 million colours down to what looked liked old VGA quality, ie, 256 colours. Any idea why?

    One always needed to take a reduced/scaled screen shot of the pic at full screen, CTRL-PRNTSCRN, in order to then Ctrl-V into a graphics program. Weird and whacked!

    • I always thought it was weird that you can't just right-click and choose "save as picture" like you can in PowerPoint… But that would involve Microsoft being consistent…

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