PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2012 #4

The Perfect Password
by Techlicious
Study reveals biggest factor in the strength of your password.



Speed Up Your Start Up
by Bob Rankin
Tips to speed up the Windows startup process.



Windows 7 Search Tips
by Dave Taylor
Insider tips for one of Windows most useful tools.



Windows Memory Diagnostic
by Windows Secrets Newsletter
An app that thoroughly exercises your RAM and uncovers potential problems.



Immersive Explorer
by Windows Talk
A metro style, streamlined and clean alternative to Windows Explorer.



When PCs Don’t Share
by Terrys Computer Tips
Overcoming a problem sharing a printer between 32-bit & 64-bit Windows PCs.



Stop Facebook from Using You
by The Windows Club
How to prevent Facebook from using your name & photos in advertisements.



Magnify Your Windows
by Daves Computer Tips
Learn to use the Windows tool that magnifies everything on your screen.



Give Windows 8 a Chance
by Windows Observer
After 9 months of running Windows 8 previews…my advice for you.



What is on Your Clipboard?
submitted by rrelleum
How to find what Windows has stored on your Windows Clipboard.



Bypass Windows 8 Desktop
submitted by 3160
How to bypass the Windows 8 (Metro) Desktop and run it your way.



Remove personal info from pics
submitted by evilfantasy
How to delete the personal information


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