Stop Facebook from Using Your Name and Photos in Ads

stop facebook from using your name and photos in ads

By Anand Khanse

Stop Facebook from Using Your Name and Photos in Ads

Every once in a while, you get to hear the rumor on Facebook that Facebook Will Start Using Your Photos in Ads on Friday. Well, to be honest. its just that and nothing more. No such thing is happening anytime soon.

But it is nevertheless a good idea to NOT get caught unaware – as there is an element of truth somewhere in that message.

Facebook can use your photos in ads in two ways:

1. It can do so in Social Ads
2. It reserves the right to do so (in the future) through 3rd party advertising networks

Facebook’s policy on Social ads and about using your personal photos is very clearly stated:

Instead of random messages from advertisers, we’ve launched Social Ads. Social Ads provide advertisements alongside related actions your friends have taken on the site. These actions may be things like “Leah is now a fan of The Offspring” or “Justin wrote a review for Sushi Hut”. These actions could then be paired with an ad that either The Offspring or Sushi Hut provides.

Here are some facts about Facebook Social ads:

  • *Social ads show an advertiser’s message alongside actions you have taken, such as liking a Page
  • *Your privacy settings apply to social ads Facebook says that it does not sell your information to advertisers
  • *Only confirmed friends can see your actions alongside an ad
  • *And lastly and most importantly, if a photo is used, it is your profile photo that will be used and not one from your photo albums.
  • How to Opt out of Facebook Social Ads

    1. Log on to Your Facebook Account
    2. Click on the down arrow to the right of the Home button – at top right of your Facebook page.
    3. Select Account Settings
    4. Select Facebook Ads (from left hand column)
    5. Click on Edit social ads setting Link
    6. From Pair My Social Actions with Ads for drop down box — Choose No One
    7. Click Save Changes

    How to Opt-Out of 3rd Party Ads–Article continued here


    This excerpt is shared with permission from The Windows Club.

    TechTalk Notes:

    Facebook forced to let users opt out of ‘Sponsored Story’ ads

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    10 thoughts on “Stop Facebook from Using Your Name and Photos in Ads

    1. yes, thanks for this. I just went in and changed my settings but saw a draft ad with my picture saying I “liked” a steak house in Denver – that’s about 3-4 hours by plane from here!!

      • they have been doing this for quiet some time now, but say they arent. yet i have seen my picture used in those weird dating sights, and even my info. when my attorney sent over the standard 'cease and desist ' letter, or we will sue you into the stone ages for slander, defamation of character, etc. they sent him a purchase order for 10,000 pictures, email addresses and contact info, they got from a sister co. owned by same owner as fb. so be careful what you post as far as contact info and email address, mailing address etc. god only knows how often they hae already sold us all out.

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