PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2012 #2

The Country with the Fastest PCs
by The Pit Crew
Exclusive research reveals the 5 countries with the fastest PCs.



Which Downloads Can You Trust?
by Windows Talk
How to tell if you’re downloading from a trusted source.



What to Expect from Windows 8
by Windows Secrets Newsletter
What’s likely to happen as Windows 8 hits store shelves.



Online Legal Services Legit?
by Techlicious
They are certainly faster and cheaper than hiring a lawyer, but better?



Add ‘Save As’ Button to Word
by Terry Computer Tips
Adding a Save-As Button or many other functional buttons is easy.



Can I Unsend an Email?
by Leo Notenboom
Once you hit that Send button, you must assume there is now way to stop it.



Save $50 on DualBand Router
by The Pit Crew
Exclusive savings on a great router for members of the PC Pitstop community.



4 Things to Love About Win 8
by Make Tech Easier
4 things to love about Windows 8 & a few things that might give you pause.



Stop a Runaway Recycle Bin
by Dave Taylor
How to fix a Recycle Bin that has become more shredder than storage bin.



No Sound in PowerPoint?
by PowerPoint Tips
Troubleshooting PowerPoint shows with sound files that won’t play.



Formatting a Cover Page
by Word Tips
Easy step-by-step for creating a Microsoft Word cover page.



How to Create CSV Files
by Excel Tips
Easy step-by-step for creating CSV files in Microsoft Excel.


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