7 thoughts on “Poll Position – August 2012

  1. If I have my pc working it means I have an internet connection and since mine is cable internet I also have Roku for T.V and magicjack for my phone

  2. Don’t have a phone or TV & I don’t miss them. Use to have both. But let me go a day with out my computer… Not a pretty sight.

    This poll is a little skewed though. :~)

    I know people who need to have surgery to remove their phone & it would send them into shock. Then there are those who can’t grasp why I don’t have a TV. Neither group can understand my love of computers.

  3. Telly ain’t what it used to be back in the ’70s & ’80s – it’s sensory deprivation, anyway (one medical study showed that the brain consumes more energy while asleep than when watching the telly!) I seldom watch it now – I’ve got my PC for DVDs and then there’s YouTube.

    My mobie’s good for calls and texts, but that’s all.

    But where would I be without my PC?

    Another gadget I acquired this year that now I would loathe to give up is my Kindle.

    • @Tania Chase:

      Sounds like social anxiety is not your main issue, control and pride are. You “desperately” need your TV to hear and see people, yet you choose “solitude”. Under these conditions you can control who and how long you see people, not to mention the conditions in which you see them.

      You were made for relationships; first w/God then with mankind (Gen 2-3). The Bible has the answer to your problems but you have to realize what your problems are first. Email me if you want to talk more about this, I used to have this issue. joetrainer31@ yahoo

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