PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2012

Software Forced on to Your PC
by Steve Hogan
More & more unwanted software is being served up through a small check box.



MSFT Phone Scam Continues
by PCTechBytes
Callers know your name, number and your vunerable Windows PC.



10 Boosts to Firefox Privacy
by Windows Guides
10 tips to boost Firefox privacy without having to switch to privacy mode.



What is Hidden in Your Hard Drive
by Bob Rankin
How to run a ‘search & destroy’ operation on files that are just wasting space.



Update Software with Care
by Windows Secrets Newsletter
Tools for auto-updating your software can actually worsen your PC’s condition.



AOL Invented the Internet
by Bill Pytlovany
An AOL insider’s claim that is sure to make some heads spin.



Risks of Remote Access
by Leo Notenboom
Scams built around gaining remote access to your PC are growing.



Layers of Identity Protection
by Tips4PCs
How 3 layers of identity can better protect you online.



How Private is the Cloud
by Windows Observer
A Skydrive user recently discovered cloud storage isn’t very private.



What Can You Live Without?
PC Pitstop Poll Position
Are you ready to give up your PC, TV or Phone? Share your opinion.



Burn YouTube Vids to DVD
by BurnWorld
Believe it. You can actually download & burn YouTube videos to DVD.



Ins and Outs of Drag and Drop
by Windows Club
Learn what really happens when you drag and drop files or folders.


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