3 Things to Check Before Reinstalling Windows

reinstalling windows

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3 Things to Check Before Reinstalling Windows

Windows is a very complicated system, so there is bound to be a complication waiting to happen that could jeopardize system integrity, forcing you to reinstall the operating system. Most of us have been there, experiencing the inexplicable blue screen of death (BSOD) whenever attempting to boot a computer. This kind of thing might even happen in safe mode, giving you no other option than to throw everything away and start from scratch. As gruesome as the process is, it’s sometimes necessary and we’re here to give you some tips on the subject!

1. Did You Check Everything?

Make sure you’re not reinstalling Windows for a reason you can easily fix. If your computer is experiencing blue screens left and right, but you have no idea what’s happening, reinstalling your operating system might not solve the problem. First, check if your RAM has problems. For this, you can use memtest, a freeware application that allows you to test all of your RAM. If you get errors, try replacing the RAM and see if you have problems now. In such a case, reinstalling your operating system would have been a horrible waste of time and a mistake that could cost you some of your precious data, if not all of it.

Can you boot in safe mode? If you can, fix the problem there! This usually means that you have a service or program that starts up with your system that causes it to go kaput the moment you turn it on in a normal boot. Safe mode loads only the bare essentials. Try disabling services and programs using msconfig. Joshua Price already covered this in previous articles, just FYI.

2 More Things to Check Before Reloading Windows-Here

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  1. please I have a Sony PC P3 system which developed problem it can not boot when i use hard disk loaded with Win XP but another hard disk loaded with WIN 7 Boots but slow even with 512 ram. what can be done for me sir

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