ISP Customers Getting More of What They Pay For?

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ISP Customers Getting More of What They Pay For?

A newly released report from the Fedaral Communications Commmision suggests that ISPs are doing a better job of delivering internet speeds that customers are paying for.

In 2011, the average ISP delivered 87 percent of advertised download speed during peak usage periods; in 2012, that jumped to 96 percent. In other words, consumers today are experiencing performance more closely aligned with what is advertised than they experienced one year ago.–Measuring Broadband America – July 2012

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Year by Year Comparison of Sustained Actual Download Speed as a Percentage of Advertised Speed (2011/2012)

Year by Year Comparison of Sustained Actual Download Speed as a Percentage of Advertised Speed (2011/2012)  (

“The bottom line of this report is that millions of Americans have better broadband performance this year than they did last year,” said USA Today-FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

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8 thoughts on “ISP Customers Getting More of What They Pay For?

  1. This information must have collected from rich neighborhoods.when I had verizon the promised 7mbps,but I would only get 3 on a good day…most of the time I would only get 1 and it was dsl..when you called for a service call they would say that we had too much signal and they had to slow it down to receive the 7mbps…of course this made matters worse.the phone lines themselves haven’t been replaced in over 20 years..and they won’t replace them..fios is available just 2 blocks from my home and they still say its unavailabe in my area.

  2. For once I have to give kudos to cable – Brighthouse in FLA is pretty consistent at 20Mbps+ and just did the Pitstop test at 22+. If I wanted to pay more still it would Lightning at 45+. Not bad for a shared pipe.

  3. Mediacom has been better at delivering advertised speeds when they do deliver. It is so intermittant here and it is miserable for the people here that are taking online classes. I’m definitely shopping around. The advertising about friendly times is a joke and the service calls are even more inane, as far as fixing the problem.

    • @Larry Wilde: I couldn’t agree more. Techs are good to work with, and they know Corp don’t give a crap. That’s what sucks. They tell me all the time that nothing will get done. BTW I live in Indiana.

  4. Verizon is solid on their 30 up & 30 down! I have only experienced minor to low outages in the past 6 mos. & that’s because someone’s car hit the service pole & knocked out the entire block! What I like about Verizon’s service, is they have 2 dedicated fiber lines to your domain, your main line & a fault tolerant (or redundant) line, when you main line goes down for any reason, or it’s broken, their switch faults over to the redundant line, so there is no break in your service. I don’t know of any other ISP that has this practice, or has implemented, this at all!

  5. I have trouble getting the 3mbps that I pay for and my isp plays games with me on service. they like to sell you DSL, but they don’t seem to like to service it correctly.

  6. Not sure where they got the information for Mediacom. But it.'s not 100% I can assure you. I pay for 12m of high speed and only get 4-5m on a good day. Sometings I can't even get 1m.

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