PC Pitstop Newsletter – June 2012 #2

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PC Matic for Life
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Pays to Read License Agreements
by The Pit Crew

7 years after our experiment – are folks still not reading the fine print.

Fix Your PC Memory Leak
by PC Tech Bytes

Does your PC gradually slow over the day? You might have a memory leak.

Email Hacked? Do This Now
by Leo Notenboom

7 steps to recover from a hack and prevent it in the future.

How to Ping an IP Address
by Tips4PC

Learn how to test an TCP IP connection by using the ping command.

Add Spell Check to All Apps
by Make Tech Easier

How to add Auto-Complete and Spell Check to every application.

Undelete Windows Data
by Windows Talk

4 effective steps to get back formatted Windows data.

Anti-Virus Over Their Heads
by The Pit Crew

Can ‘consumer grade’ anti-virus protect against viruses like Flame & Stuxnet?

Is Your Software Certified?
by Bill Pytlovany

Why it is important to have a program clearly defined as an authentic.
Win8 Severely Limits Multiple OS
by Everything Microsoft

Multiple OS operations will be strictly limited, when MSFT debuts Windows 8.

What is Windows Really Doing?
by Windows Club

3 ways to find out what Windows is doing in the background.

windows guides
Set Your Windows Time
by Windows Guides

Set Windows to use servers that are quicker & provide the correct time.

Create Compressed Zip in Win7
by Dave Taylor

A smarter way to create a folder with multiple files on a Windows PC.

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