Windows Talk: 4 Steps to Recover Formatted Windows Data

4 steps to get back formatted data

4 Effective Steps to Get Back Formatted Windows Data

By Windows Talk

Data loss is the common problems that many modern business are facing and spending million of dollars per year to recover them. Most common reasons behind data loss is mechnically or physicall failured hard drive, accidental file deletion and formatted windows is also surprisingly common. Everyone makes a mistake, but accidentally deleting or formatting files from Windows is the big one and may require your hard tough time or lot’s of money to get them recovered.

However, if you have accedentally formatted some important files and don’t backup, there’s a great chance that formatted data will be recovered if you are using Windows OS. But be careful and don’t try to save anymore data on the drive and have to avoid useless methods like bumping or freezing it and similar.

Below are some common reasons of why your windows data might get deleted or formatted:

Blue Screen of Death(BSOD)
Formatted or Deleted Partitions
Physcial or Mechanical failed Hard Drive
Windows OS Corruption
Virus/malware Infection
Registry Corruption
Fire, flood or any other natural disasters

Steps to Undelete Windows Data:

Steps #1 : Stop Using Your Computer- After deleting any file(s), the space is marked as free and can be used to write something on a newly free spaces. So, You have to turn of your system immediately after file deletion due to off any reasons above listed. The longer you runs the system after file deletion, the higher the chances of your files get overwritten.

Steps #2: Use another computer- In order to avoid overwriting the deleted data, you have to follow the rest steps on another PC. To do this, you can remove the problem hard drive and attach it to the other one as a ‘slave’ drive. If the other computer is your laptop, you can use external hard drive enclosure.

Steps Continued Here

This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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