Windows Talk: Tips for Technophobes

tips for technophobes

Tips and Advice for Technophobes

By Windows Talk

Working on a computer all day, and having been brought up with a ZX Spectrum in by bedroom, I consider myself fairly adept at using computers. It is for this reason that I can’t really understand when someone struggles to understand the how something works. Or when they insist on reading instructions before trying something. Or when they tell me off for doing something they think will damage the computer – when I know full well it won’t.

Of course it’s easy for me, and it is a bit snobbish that today I smirked when I overheard someone tell their friend they were dubious of using ‘the reply button’ when answering messages. The reality is though, for those who haven’t grown up with computers, and those who haven’t spent much time with them, they can be quite alien and intimidating – and there is no real jumping on point either.

To that end, here I will impart some basic advice to those who perhaps aren’t the most tech savvy in the world, to help you find your way around computers and devices in future.

Don’t Fear the PC

The first and most important piece of advice is very simple, which is: just don’t be afraid of computers. At the end of the day if something goes wrong it’s not going to break the machine. It’s only hardware problems that are unfixable so unless you are banging the computer against a wall it will be completely fine. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and the best way to learn is literally to just throw yourself in there at the deep end.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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