Everything-Microsoft.com: Windows 8 Prognosis for Sales

windows 8 prognosis for sales

Windows 8 Prognosis for Sales

By George Carza for everything-microsoft.com

Windows 8 prognosis for sales: not that good. That is the latest finding from research entity Gartner. The expectation is that Windows 8 will not be the PC soul wave that will revitalize PC sales. Small wonder, since tablets, and mobile phones are the biggest challenges to the PC market.

Both HP and Dell, are hoping to see new sales growth because of the new OS. But realistically, ordinary consumers, who need Internet connections, and person-to-person communications and specific applications, are finding that the PC is not the way to go.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from everything-microsoft.com.

Update: Analysts expect Windows 8 to flop and PC sales to suffer, but Microsoft’s chief executive thinks sales will reach at least 500 million by the end of 2013…CNET

Microsoft walks back Ballmer’s comments:
Microsoft reached out to clarify that Ballmer’s 400 to 500 million number wasn’t specifically an estimate of sales numbers, but a general example of the scale of the Windows in the marketplace and how that represents a significant market for developers. The Verge

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