Ask Dave Taylor: Making the cursor arrows bigger in Windows 7

make windows cursor larger

Making the cursor arrows bigger in Windows 7

By Dave Taylor

The Question: My eyesight’s going to heck and sometimes when I’m using my PC I just can’t find the darn cursor or arrow and I have to move the mouse all over the place until it surfaces. Really annoying! Is there a way to make the cursor bigger in this $&#@*$()& Windows 7 system?

Dave’s Answer:

Of course there’s a solution. Microsoft’s got your back, nothing to worry about. Now if they were really cool, they’d have replacement eyes you could get, running “vision 0.9b” or something, and you’d have a slick heads-up display superimposed over everything you see, but perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. 🙂

In any case, Windows 7 is extraordinarily flexible and there are a ton of features included for people with visual impairments, including the ability to set a higher contrast color scheme, enlarge cursors, fonts, icons, system messages, change or increase volume of system sounds, and much more. Let’s focus on cursors, though, and I’m going to show you a handy Win7 shortcut at the same time.

Launch your PC and right-click on the Desktop photo. Anywhere’ll do.

You’ll see a menu like this:

make windows 7 cursor bigger<

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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