Dave’s Computer Tips: 3 alternatives to CCleaner -Conclusion

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by Jim Hillier in Daves Computer Tips

This is the final of a 4 part series evaluating and comparing 3 alternative cleaning suites. The three products are SlimCleaner, Toolwiz Care and Wise Disk Cleaner: Part 1: SlimCleaner — Part 2: Toolwiz Care — Part 3: Wise Disk Cleaner

Time to make final comparisons, evaluation and recommendations. I haven’t previously made any mention of registry cleaning components, so I’m going to cover that now. As we all know, the registry cleaning component in CCleaner is not very aggressive so consequently is also not terribly effective, BUT it is VERY safe and also includes an option to back up changes.

  • SlimCleaner includes a basic registry cleaner under its Advanced tab. There is no apparent method included for backing up changes BUT, registry cleaning is disabled by default – in order to utilize this option users need to access the list of registry sections then select and enable areas for cleaning. It is pretty basic, ergo safe to assume it would not be overly aggressive nor terribly effective but, as with CCleaner, very safe.
  • Toolwiz Care includes a pretty thorough registry cleaning component, it’s quite aggressive so also very effective. Backup is provided via the built-in registry backup/restore tool.
  • Wise Disk Cleaner does not include any registry cleaning at all.
  • Here are the results of my basic comparative cleaning test. Remember, scans were initiated in ‘analysis’ mode with all programs at default settings and without any actual cleaning taking place:

  • #1 SlimCleaner – 330.9MB
  • #2 Toolwiz Care – 245.4MB
  • #3 Wise Disk Cleaner – 197.8MB
  • #4 CCleaner – 141.6MB

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