Rogue Infection Goes Live

It’s bad enough that vicious Fake antivirus infections like XP Antivirus 2012, and similar are multiplying like the swine flu. Now, rogue infections have gone live, using real people to scare you into purchasing worthless programs and services.

A good friend told me that after a recent software purchase he was prompted to phone a 1- 800 number for help with the installation. He phoned, but instead of help he got hit on the head and mugged. He was lied to and told he needed to spend another couple of hundred dollars to clear his system of infection. This seemed like a new approach to me, especially since it was after a purchase and used direct phone contact.

The product was a well known registry cleaner and you all know how I feel about deep registry cleaners. They pose huge risks and do little to help performance. I feel they are a waste of money.

Any way, long story short I made a purchase of, let’s call it, Registry Pure, and guess what. Immediately after the purchase I was prompted to phone for installation assistance. I phoned. The technician was intent on showing me that my computer was compromised with malware. He was not even slightly interested in helping me with the installation. In fact he started with the false claims even before I had started the installation.

He wanted to take control of my computer and show me the problems I had. Keep in mind I’m on a desktop with no infections and no down time in the last 3 years. It tests in the top 7% of all desktops tested at PC Pitstop even though it’s 3 years old. It has no problems and is lightening fast. I let him install Go To Meeting on my system.

He took control of my computer and you can bet that I watched him very closely. He directed me to various Websites, he showed me articles and examples of malware, none of which were on my system. He tried in every way he could to sell me a reoccurring monthly service. It was in the neighborhood of $300.00 a year.
He continues to show me entries, folders, etc, and talks absolute BS, trying to scare me into a purchase. I felt like I was looking face to face with a crook, and that is because I was.

The whole thing was just a sham. It made me sick to think that a well known business had decided to expose its customers to this. The pitch was completely reliant on the crook on the other end creating fear and the false impression that my system had problems. To me the scam was laughable but the more I thought about it the more I realized that a lot of people would be pulled in by this. Many users don’t understand the difference between an example of a warning and a true warning. Many people don’t realize they need to be aware of where a warning or error is coming from. For many it’s just a warning from “their computer”. If they read it then it must be true. And that is what this sham, this LIVE ROBBER is counting on. Real live people, on the phone, taking advantage of your lack of computer experience, intentionally scaring your into sending them your hard earned cash.

Was the well known registry cleaning company the one mugging me? No, but they are the ones that sent me down the dark alley. They are the ones that advised me to phone the 800 number. They are the ones that will receive a bounty for my head.


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31 thoughts on “Rogue Infection Goes Live

  1. When I get supposedly tech people on the phone trying to sell me a tech solution, I try not to laugh while they go through their spiel and I usually wind up interrupting them and informing them that I build computers for fun and that I am the tech support that some people call (mostly friends and family). I then go technical on them and they usually hand up the phone.
    But all kidding aside, companies like that use unethical tactics to scare unwary consumers into paying for something they don’t need. We should probably lobby our legislatures to in act some law against this type of sales tactic.

    Is there a black list web site that keeps track of companies and tactics like this?


  2. Hi Guys [and not forgeting the ladies] here’s a slightly different look at this evil plot to seperate you from your hard earned cash.Last November [2011] i had a problem with a McAffee security product [one of those “one size fits all” jobs.]
    I phoned the head office they refered me onto the tech people who in turn plugged me into a small company who do “on line repairs” by remote. They offered a free in depth checkup – they came back with a list of faults as long as your arm. Then the bomb went off. To fix £120 +++ etc. plus 1 hour on phone etc. I explained that i am disabled with Parkinsons Disease and had to take early retiirement and money was “to tight to mention” I haggled and got them to do the job for £60. I gave my credit card details [as you do]they fixed it whilst i watched in amazement at mouse doing the work – bill paid. Yeah right — no money as yet has left my credit card account. How about that??? In return just after Christmas 2011 i received a “number withheld” call from a gentlman? of Asian extraction calling from an Asian country who verified my details and announced that my computer had a major fault and urged me to go and switch it on and they would fix it for me for a undisclosed ammount. To test him i asked “which one i’ve got 3] the line went dead. Hows that, regards ricki

  3. My computer was running slow. I ran a free scan from PC Pitstop (on whose site this very helpful article appears.) The result told me that I had so many dozens of drivers in need of repair. I took advantage of an offer for a discount on one years subscription to clean and repair up to five computers. After running the programme on my net book the only difference was that it ran more slowly and the on/off message that formerly appeared when I pressed the Caps Lock and wireless keys no longer does so. I ran a scan from another company which told me that I had even more drivers in need of repair! I tried copying the programme to my PC with a memory stick, this didn’t work. It may be that this is not the correct way to transfer it on another computer, I don’t know; my computer skills are elementary. I wrote all this to PC Pitstop and their reply was to run a scan – some help! No advice on how to use it on another computer, or how to restore my on/off message. I will take some persuading to part with money in the future, either for PC Pitstop’s products or anyone elses. My conclusion; stick to free CC Cleaner which someone else mentions.

  4. I hope that company and others who use such tactics, go bust pretty quickly.

    I would be very suspicious of any software company that prompted me to phone any number whatsoever, even, Microshite…err…I mean Microsoft.

    Another trend that I find very distasteful is the fact that many companies are starting to use download managers, and before you can download the actual program you have to download a shitty and often spyware ridden download manager. Not good!

    I no longer use Adobe Acrobat as a result. I now use Foxit pdf reader. A great little program that is far better than that piece of spyware ridden trash from Adobe, any-day.

  5. I had this EXACT experience when I called for tech support on my Advanced System Care software. I called for help and got a HARD SELL for the ‘iYogi’ service, which I am ashamed to say I fell for. They remoted into my system and told me there was all kinds of problems, sold me a year subscription to their service for $300, then proceeded to spend a very short time on it and now it runs TERRIBLY slow and takes forever to shutdown. I called and told them I wanted them to ‘undo’ what they did, but when they went to the system restore, there were no restore points. Something they had done deleted all restore points!!!!

    I ended up getting a refund after having a fit on the phone with iYogi, but the fact remains my system is screwed up and I have no idea how to fix it.

    • The first thing you should do is have a look through your programs and get rid of any programs that you do not use, including the so-called Advanced system software that you were on about.

      Make sure you get rid of any rubbish programs like Mcafee or Norton as you do not want any of this sort of trash on your system. My advice would be to get rid of any so-called security suites. They are not good and you are far better off having stand alone programs.

      It is a mistake when people assume that because a program does everything in one go that the process is cleaner and more efficient and faster. In fact, the opposite is true.

      I also recommend that you get something called cc cleaner. Its a totally free program and you should download it and run it. Go through and check the cleaning options, just to make sure you are okay with them and run it to clean the Pc.

      You will need to install a fresh antivirus and a firewall, as well as some spyware programs. I recommend Avast for virus protection or something like AVG free antivirus.

      Actually, and just to show that I am not totally against Microsoft for the sake of it, I would also suggest you try something called Microsoft Security Essentials as an antivirus as opposed to the others I suggested. It is actually pretty good and if you are the sort of user that does not go onto shall-we-say, less than savory sites, you will be okay.

      For a firewall, I recommend Comodo or the zone alarm free firewall. but make sure you get the stand alone firewall and not the suite. You can also download the separate version of Comodo’s anti-virus as well, if you so desire.

      For spyware I recommend something like spyware blaster, which is totally free and can be used alongside Microsoft Security Essentials as another layer of security – as it is one of them programs you can install and forget as long as you remember to regularly keep it up to date.

      Hope this helps!

  6. Folks the important part of this article is not the Name of the Registry Cleaning product. It is that New Ways of separating you from your hard earned cash are becoming the norm. The product Name was RegCure. I though that was pretty obvious from the article. RegCure is a legitimate product. It was not being sold by a third party. The company that wanted control of my computer was provided after my purchase of RegCure. Please know that you will find these tactics on many websites now. Just something else to be aware of when using the Internet.

  7. After reading all these post I can’t believe how stupid people are because they can’t figure out name of company..IT’S SPELLED OUT FOR YOU IN THE NAME HE GAVE…”Registry Pure”
    change the P to a C and you got the name of company…”REGISTRY CURE”

    • @~V~: ~V~ You know, it is extremely rude to to call people stupid just because they can’t figure out name of company..I have never heard of that program, that’s why I was inquiring. You should realize that not everyone has the same computer experience or knowledge. I read these posts to learn, not to be called stupid for not knowing. Uninformed perhaps, but stupid? No. Maybe next time you can contribute something worth reading and from which to learn further.

    I use AVG(free), CCleaner(free)and Advanced System Care(free) BRILLIANT! Not had a problem for years and years(since using these)
    Please warn people to put the phone down on these people who phone up out of the blue telling you that you have a problem – you probibly don’t! David

  9. Don’t you guys read your back comments? It’s already spelt out as Registry Cure. Seeing as I also don’t believe in registry cleaners, I wouldn’t know if this one is a genuine product or not. I hint of advice to those out there who are infected and need their data and cannot just reformat their drive… if you can boot into safe mode, try create a new user with admin rights, safe mode sometimes gives you an edge before the virus either kicks you out or locks you out of options. log in as new user where you can type and run commands, type msconfig and look for unusual or unnamed processes in the startup tab and disable them from running. This can usually give you the edge to get either an antivirus installed or if you know the virus name, a sting file to eradicate it. It can be a bitch of a process, but don’t get disheartened. Allow your folder options to be able to see hidden files. Sometimes these viruses change the atributes of all your files to “hidden” and you think your data has been wiped. Shortcuts will most probably have to be installed.

  10. Name the offender or you will look like a wimp & definitely loose credibility.
    Who knows you may have made this all up on the basis of rumour.

    • Better than looking like an idiot, Peter. The warning is to be AWARE that bad guys sometimes use good names to lend credibility to their deceipt.

  11. Jim Smith understands. Even with truth as a viable defense, any idiot can cost you thousands of dollars with a SLAP lawsuit.

  12. Ugh! I agree with the rest of the posters on here. EXPOSE THE UNSCRUPULOUS COMPANY that would do such a thing to its users!

  13. You are just as bad as the rip off company if you don’t name them. They will just go on sucking people in while you watch in your ivory tower of computer geekness.

  14. Why is it that none of you guys ever names the “un-named” company. It would be a service to your readers and allow them to avoid it in the first place. Otherwise, this article is useless except as an fyi to be careful.

  15. I think this is complete and utter bulls–t. If this person is telling the truth, it is his duty to inform people who the company is and YOU CANNOT be sued for telling the truth! As we say in the UK, Put Up or Shut Up.

  16. If you have a well known spyware/virus program installed and set for automatic updates and a scheduled scan….then your protected plain and simple.I have gotten rid of all the Norton/McAfee stuff and went with super shield.My Laptop runs fine and it is so old it had windows 6 in it when I rescued it from virus hell and liked it so much I offered to buy it off the person I fixed it for.

    • I hope that you changed him over to at least v.8 of IE, or better still Firefox, Opera (probably not the best idea) or Chrome (which gives Google the right to read and track everything that you do for its advertising machine and which I rule out for that reason.) I guess that leaves and older version of Firefox, I’m assuming that this is running some variation of XP.

      As to registry cleaning CCleaner is not a scrubber but it’s terrific as well as being free.

      Feel free to write me if you want the setup file for an older version of Firefox.



    • It would indeed be helpful if they mentioned the company, but I suppose they don’t want to be sued. But I’ve used different reg cleaners (which are unnecessary half the time anyway, as long as the PC is running normally) and I’ve NEVER needed to call anyone to “set it up”.
      Usually, these programs set themselves up automatically and they have a website where you can get help online without buying anything.

  17. I’ve not had one single problem or issue since I purchased PC Matic. This is the real deal. I’m not a computer whiz and have thrown away hundred’s of dollars on worthless programs. The problem is that the average user hasn’t a chance at knowing what works and what doesn’t, and what’s a scam until he/she purchases PC Matic or something that actually works. It’s really a scary world out there until you find something that can be trusted. Have a great day.


  18. I bought a program called PC Health Adviser and they wanted to sell me that service when I diled the number to install help. Turn out that they send you the key so there is no need for calling the company. They will show you files they say are infected, tell you that many are not found by Anti-virus software. That many people can see everything you are doing on your PC and such crap. PC Health Adviser gets a kick back for everyone they send to this phone number but the people on the other end are outright crooked in their scam.

  19. I had the same thing happen. To be honest I forget what company but I was having trouble loading a program. BEFORE I could get to the guy that did that I was being given the whole speil about how i was ruining my computer with CCleaner and Avast and a few other things. This was on a computer running XP Pro that was just wiped and loaded not a week before.

    The guy was Indian or Pakistani. The service was $367 a year. After telling him I could wipe it and reload for free and $367 was more than the computer was worth he finally gave me to the guy to help me. He did the really hard sell. I was fried.

  20. I find it hard to believe that you represent PC Pitstop and have not named names. It is your duty to do so because you are just as guilty and are an accessory to this company for not doing so. I believe this so much that I will not renew PC Pitstop again

  21. We have customers that come in terrified by these on line scammers. Fortunately most of them turn off their PC’s after they are requested for credit card details. Computer Associates AV help desk Iyogi pull the same stunt. The best way to clean up a heavily infected PC is to connect it to another PC and let the other PC do the Virus and Malware Scan. Cclean and Yamicsoft’s XP etc Manager work the best.

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