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By Bob Rankin

Eliminate Your Phone Bill With Internet Phone Service

Making the move away from a traditional land line to VoIP (internet phone service) is fast becoming a popular option. As you mentioned, MagicJack has gained popularity because it lets you make unlimited calls for only $19.95 per year (or $29.95/year for MJ Plus.) But people seem to love it or hate it. See my review of the MagicJack VoIP service to learn more about how it, and works.

But MagicJack is just one of many VoIP services that you can use to make free or low-cost calls. Let’s take a look at several MagicJack alternatives, and see how they compare…

Nettalk Duo is virtually a clone of MagicJack. It consists of a USB dongle that plugs into a telephone, router, and power supply, just like the MagicJack Plus. The beauty of both systems is that no PC is required, except to configure your account. However, you can plug both devices into a PC or Mac with broadband access to make calls through a computer instead of a telephone handset.

Both services offer voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, your own phone number and free calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. International rates on both services are very cheap. In fact, calls to any other Nettalk or MagicJack user are free if both parties are on the same service.

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  1. Indeed, I am amazed of how technology really works now. It makes lives of people easier and convenient. In an society where there’s healthy competition, it brings out good quality of products and services of the manufacturers.

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