#1 Operating System In The World

Windows 7 #1 in the world

I’ve been using Windows 7 since before the beta release.The fact that it has assumed the number one position is not news but how fast it got there is.

According to StatCounter, Windows7 is now number one in the world.The last year has been a rocket ride as Windows7 went from 24% to 41% share.

Even with XP’s strangle hold on the business sector, two years is all it took for Windows7 to take the lead.

StatCounter has XP and W7 crossing paths in mid September. StatCounter is a free market analyses company whose stats are based on aggregate data collected on a sample exceeding 15 billion pageviews per month from 3 million websites.

Windows 7 #1 in the US

NetMarket still shows Windows XP in the lead with a 49% global share and Windows7 with a 35% share. Their stats for the US however tell a different story. Windows7 is ahead with a strong 6% lead or 33% to 27% market share.
I’m not sure if there was a difference in criteria used for reporting or if the difference was in the reporting of a single location but the trend for a rapid take over is there. It is reported that Windows7 sells over 650,000 copies a day.

The improvements offered in Windows7 made this race a short one. XP had a good run but it’s over 10 years old and getting a little long in the tooth.

Are you still using XP? Tell me why.


TC 450,000,000 copies sold.

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21 thoughts on “#1 Operating System In The World

  1. I use Windows 8, 7, XP & Server 2003. XP remains the best in being user friendly. Windows 8 has got to be the worst OS ever designed. I even got along with Vista which most people hated. & is okay but there are still features XP has that 7 is not capable of.

  2. 1.- The mini-window for “All Programs” is an involution, not evolution. Hideous. Solution: CSMenu 1.2.
    2.- Windows 7 is incompatible with my software, Musicmatch Jukebox 10 -the best mp3 player-, by example. No solution.
    3.- The old help (*.hlp) its not supported with a foul play, to change win32hlp.exe by a banner. I have a Bible in this format. It’s easy the correction -a executable change from XP’s system32-, but a drop in the sea.
    4.- I’m not in control with Win7. No solution. It spent 3 days in my computer, no more.
    5.- I’m a WordPerfect user. Word 2003 was bearable, the new marvelous Microsoft look, is not. WordPerfect is not perfect, but very best.
    6.- I used win ME for 3 years with XP everywhere. Its ugly appearance is resolved with Seven Remix XP 2.41. I had only a serious loss when I made the switch to XP, in the DOS screen, serious but tolerable. In Win7 this screen disappears.
    7.- My name is not “Paul”. Where go Paul? Where go all people.

    I recommend continuosly the downgrading from 7 to XP.

    Sorry, I don’t speak english.

  3. I have one machine with XP on it because some very expensive software that I need to run for my business doesn’t run on Windows 7. I tried four times before I decided it was easier to keep a notebook around. My other option is upgrading the software for $4K and then having a huge learning curve. This is not a viable choice when my time is measured in $$.

  4. I was very happy with my 8 year old XP/3 system – it did everything I wanted it to, but my husband’s system (win98) was giving him problems and he wanted my system. I bought a top of the line computer loaded with Win7. It’s taken me over a month to move my stuff and I still don’t have it all working. There are a few things I like better in Windows 7 but probably more things I like better in XP. I prefer the cleaner look of Explorer and Outlook Express in XP.

    I agree with the comment “Maybe the increase isn’t due to 7’s being better, but just because new PCs are shipped with it”.

  5. Look if you have XP & you are happy, that’ just fine.
    Anyone with a bit of savvy can easily find & load a trouble free OS of any type they elect to use, sure it may be pirated & personally I would not pirate an OS.
    OTOH if you feel you have paid MS once ….?

    Now Win7 is definitely more stable than XP, but stupid MS, as always will never listen & follow their own agenda, so they “made changes” which no-one wanted. Notably UAC, Libraries, changes to Win Explorer & ditching of the classic UI.
    If you have a near new PC it’s probably got real speed potential which Win7(64) can more easily exploit.
    Unfortunately MS does not care whether you need to spend days/weeks re-learning how your OS works, Win8 will be a nightmare & total failure I predict.

  6. Still using XPx86… I did not like Vista – have upgraded XP to (SP-3/4) and downgraded a few Vista systems.

    Downgrading from Vista is a pain, especially with SATA BIOS configurations in certain dedicated (DELL/HP) systems. Reset the BIOS to work with XP/IDE and carry on. You may need RAID drivers for the F6 at XP installation, to integrate the newer technology into the older XP-OS. As far as I can tell, W-7 is the 64-bit offspring of XP+Vista. Automation and more user/useful programs seem to be the draw of “Seven.”

    I love Ubuntu/Linux and I have OSX (and all of the above) on my MacBookPro.

    I started with Apple II+ 48K Ram, and a cassette-tape backup in 1979. That December, I got dual 5.25 floppy drives an actual monitor (not TV w/adapter) and the ability to buy retail software, which was difficult at the time; because everyone was writing their own code or transcribing from text-books and magazines.

    Recently, a fan-less Sparkle-1024 video card (Average temp=130-F) — melted a capacitor in a Gigabyte MB (DDR2-400) — it took out the video card itself and a classic SBPCI-1394 sound-card. The AMDx4-635 survived, as did the rest of the internals. A new MB, video card and 8G DDR-3 RAM brought the system up to par for about $150… XP noticed the upgrade and asked me to re-authorize my serial number and proceeded to find old/new hardware…

  7. On 2007/03/01 I bought a Gateway DX4305 desktop that came with 32-bit Vista Home Premium. I had to replace the DVD drive on 12-27-2009. I went from dial-up to .7MB cable in Dec 2009. I paid for the cable by dropping the dial-up and land line and use MagicJack for calls. I added two more MB of RAM for a total of 3MB of Ram and downloaded CinePlay DVD decoder for Windows Vista v 1.0 so I could stream from Netflix. I run my system to maximize efficiency. So as long as I can watch Netflix and use magicJack then I’ll continue with what I’ve got until I have to buy a new computer. Then I’ll use whatever comes with that computer. I’ll get whatever Consumer Reports recommends and has tested.

  8. I still use Windows XP on my 10 year old Gateway desktop and Windows 7 on my newer Dell computer. But I’m starting to like Windows 7 more every day as I get used to it.

    I like how 7 looks compared to XP, but it does depend on your computer resources. My newer computer has more memory, a better processor, a better graphics card and now a Solid State Drive, which means it’s extremely fast. XP, on the hand, is much more primitive and doesn’t demand such a high end machine.

    Besides the way it looks, I like the menus and search feature better in 7 than XP and I love the jump lists too. And now that many programs and games I’ve tried work better on my newer 64-bit machine, I only go back to XP if absolutely necessary.

  9. I don’t change from XP because I have HP printers and HP don’t update the fully-featured drivers. They say the updates are fully featured but they’re not. I know this because I have a laptop with Vista on it (wasn’t my choice – I couldn’t get a laptop with XP) but can’t use it for printing booklets and other useful things.

  10. When xp came out it was big step forward for Microsoft. I used it until the release of windows 7. Vista was a memory hog and for most users who purchased machines with 1 gig of ram found out it was begging for more. The reason I like windows 7 is this. Take a very old machine lets say from 2001 specs tell you it won’t run vista. But out of experimentation I installed windows 7 with 1 gig of ram. The machines ran great. Lack of drivers? I would install the xp driver in windows xp sp2 mode and the machine worked perfect. For programs I don’t understand why so many have problems. I have installed programs from windows 95 on windows 7. There is the rare occasion something won’t work but if you have a failed installed just install it with the recommended settings per windows 7 and it runs fine.

  11. Been using XP since it came out and before that it was win 98.dab in windows ME (cough) before xp but have stuck with it so far. have been tinkering with the Linux distros getting used to using them for when the time comes that xp is done for. Cant afford to keep trying to upgrade everything to run on another o.s. But win xp has been by far in my opinion the best one yet.

  12. Why buy software all over for a higher price for windows7 when WindowsXP works great and does everything that I want it too? And I don’t have to buy anymore software. My computer does what I want it too, not what they want to dictate to me.

    Windows7 has its own problems, and they took out features of WinXP that I use all the time, win7 is a headache and takes more time to use it, when winXp, I can get things done quicker.

    Windows 7 is great for X64 programs, but I will stick to Xp, don’t need new software or a new operating system, I have owned all windows versions, and they all were buggy when they should have had a recall on all of them. Microsoft steals your money all the time with products that have too many problems, then you have to upgrade and find more problems with the new OS.

    They recall Cars, they should recall windows rather than keep making us pay over and over again. Microsoft are crooks, plain and simple, no wonder all the nations run pirated versions of Windows that have been modified and run better than out of the box windows operating systems, and they don’t pay any more for it. I have to keep paying Microsoft money for more problems over and over throughout the years.

    I can run supercomputer free Linux software and many servers and then run windows Xp programs on it and get things done a lot faster.

    The windows 8 is their idea of getting rid of personal computers, and continue to dumbed down the population. They are turning their products into toys like cell phones.

    soon because of Microsoft there will be no more home computers, just toys. If you don’t’ see that coming, then you are ignorant of the facts.

  13. I still use XP x64 because it would be too much trouble to re-install everything… besides the possibility of having to upgrade a few programs to be compatible with Windows 7. It isn’t just a matter of changing operating systems.

    My workstation is quite adequate and the x64 flavor of XP allows me to make use of the 8 GB of RAM I’ve got installed. Some of the applications I’ve written in .NET are heavy memory consumers.

    I will eventually upgrade when I get a new machine…maybe around this time next year…but by then it’ll be Windows 8, right?

    Steve Erbach
    Neenah, WI

  14. Strange, of the 100 or so people I know and/or work with only 3 have W7, the rest are 6 on Vista and 94 on XP. So how come W7 is said to be Number 1 OS? Many find XP all they need so why change something that isn’t broken. Vista is horrendously resource hungry and W7 is no great advance on XP and even stops application working, especially if they are business critical applications. I’m not in the US, but in the UK.

  15. I still have my XP desktop, for a few programs but mostly because I can’t afford to upgrade yet (and it’s not worth buying 7 to put on the poor creaky old thing). I have two 7 laptops, though, and they’re what actually get used.
    I’m also in the process of updating my parents’ desktop – that is, we just unboxed the shiny new 7 desktop and are working on updating it and getting the data off the XP desktop that’s still wanted. They also went to 7 on their respective laptops last year.
    One of my sisters had or has a Vista desktop – I don’t know whether she’s switched, 7 came out just about the time she’d beat Vista into submission and made it work the way she wanted it to. One of her laptops is 7, I know, but I think the netbook is XP. Dad’s is, I know.
    XP hangs on here and there, but it’s a matter of legacy, in my family anyway.

  16. It is a simple matter to reduce the inconvenience of UAC or the even turn it off completely. I’ve never liked it either.

    As for the UI, I’ve always like that part of W7.

    There are still a lot of people using XP, so you are not alone.

  17. Maybe the increase isn’t due to 7’s being better, but just because new PCs are shipped with it. It would be interesting to know how many people switched from XP to 7 without being forced into it. There may be improvements under the hood, but 7 isn’t the wonder it’s supposed to be.

    I’m using XP and 7, and XP is a lot more friendly. I can do things with one click in XP that take several in 7, and some aren’t possible in 7 unless you’re at a certain place where Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, allows you to do what you want. The GUI and UAC are a pain in some places. I’m not looking forward to 8.

    Microsoft wants to control every computer, whether through the OS or programs like Office and IE. Why move the “Show Desktop” button? Just because they can? They don’t always know best, however.

    • You hit the nail on the head. The reason why Windows 7 is gaining “popularity” is because you cannot get a new PC with Windows XP anymore. Thank goodness I bought my new PC from a builder and I was able to take it back and get rid of Windows 7, and have Windows XP installed.

  18. I have used most of the OS’s that are out there. The last OS I used was Vista Premium. I have never had a problem with it, and as jimcgaffey says, whipped it into submission, and had used it until recently. Then my computer croaked on me(Think it was the MB)and my son let me use another computer, he had, which has XP Pro. I really don’t know why everyone, I have ever talked, to hates Vista. My new netbook, has 7 on it, and I have not discovered why everyone seems to be estatic about it. I can’t see why I would buy 7, when Vista works great for me. Plus the cost, when what I was using, works good.

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