Free Tool Saves Time & Money for Online Shoppers

We have come across a worthwhile, free tool for those who prefer to avoid the Black Friday in-store madness and instead enjoy the laid back pleasures of online shopping.

As those who have made purchases online are aware, prices are fluctuating constantly. Consider the price variations for this Samsung 59-Inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV over three months:

Wouldn’t it be helpful to find out when a price on an item like this hits a low point?

Enter BuyLater (

BuyLater is a browser extension (compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari) that adds a button to Amazon and other well known shopping websites. Click the ‘BuyLater’ button to track an item and you will receive an email when the price drops. All of this is accomplished without leaving the site you are shopping on.

BuyLater currently supports many popular shopping sites, including,,, and more. Plans call to add other sites in the future.

The tool and service is completely free. The links that are included in the BuyLater notifications you will receive are affiliate links which allow BuyLater to share in any revenue that results from your purchases…not a big deal considering the useful service and potential price savings you ultimately receive.

Also worth noting, if you install BuyLater by November 30, 2011 – you will be automatically entered for a chance to win $500.

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4 thoughts on “Free Tool Saves Time & Money for Online Shoppers

  1. I’m retired and only really know the basics. I currently have window 10. I send and receive emails. I do some shopping on line. Book tee times. Play some games on MSN games. Is a dummy like me able to exist with PC Matic? Cost?

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