What You Need To Know About Facebook New Friend Lists Feature


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Facebook officially launched its improved Friend Lists feature today, making it easier than ever to view and share relevant content with the appropriate individuals. In this article I will highlight the main uses of Facebook’s newest feature.

What is Smart Lists

One of Google+ main selling points, separating itself from Facebook, is the “Circles” feature, which allows the user to create “Circles”, or groups, of people to share content with. Unlike Facebook where you add a “friend” and then you are given the option of adding them to a “list” (which no-one ever does), Google+ requires you from the get-go to add the person to one or more “Circles”. Facebook’s top brass has realised that its users are unlikely to add people to lists, so they have solved the problem by developing an algorithm that automatically groups friends into “smart lists”. These lists will be automatically created and updated based on your profile and your friend’s profile. For example, Facebook will look at a variety of indicators, including the people in your family, your relationship status, your location, your place of study, and your place of work, in populating these “smart lists”.

How Smart Lists Works/Article Continued Here

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