GFI Vipre: Of Spam and Speeding


Our engineers over at the AV Labs have spotted recently a deluge of spam about a “traffic ticket” that purports to come from a state department in New York. The said
spam has a compressed file attachment that, once extracted, contains a file that bears the icon of a normal Adobe .PDF file. Mimicing file icons, of course, is a
common tactic used by criminals to appease any doubts or worries from recipients of such emails, which are actually malicious in nature.

“The malware appears to be sent from a botnet of unknown origin.” says GFI Spyware Researcher Adam Thomas.

What Happens When this PDF is Opened? Article Continued Here

This excerpt is shared with permission from GFI Vipre.

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2 thoughts on “GFI Vipre: Of Spam and Speeding

  1. It’s a batch file, and also comes as a zip file, and a double extension. I’ve gotten at least five of them, Just delete them. I opened one with a Linux live cd and forwarded the attachment to some of the other .bat files I’ve received as attachments lol.

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