Chris Pirillo Video: Does Internet Explorer Suck?

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46 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Video: Does Internet Explorer Suck?

  1. It’s not a surprise that a lot of people think they have to use IE8 (or any other incarnation of IE) as it comes with Windows. Under EU regs I believe Microsoft have to give a user the choice of which browser they would like to use when installing Windows now. I have used Firefox for years with no problems. I installed IE8 to access the Microsoft website when I need to but only for that as its so clunky, bloated and buggy. Firefox is quicker, easier and more user friendly. I will probably try Chrome etc as time goes on as I’m always open to a good product.

  2. When setting up my computer, I learned that you cannot delete IE and use other browsers instead – so essentially other browsers are “add-on bloatware”. When tweaking computers, you minimize, so adding on other browsers just increases the possibilities of breach and errors. The one factor with all the different browsers is a computer, so instead of looking for an easy quick-fix, adjust the various services and settings to make your computer safer and more secure. I haven’t had any problems with IE7 or IE8 yet – I have it customized with several new and quite old program helpers.

  3. Chrome, for the simple reason it seems to process pages faster than any other browser I have tried, and I’ve pretty much used them all.

    Whens the google OS coming out? =P

  4. Chris: I have both Firefox and IE8 with auto updates ON on my machine and use Firefox by choice. I think you comrade in arms Leo LaPorte says it best that the most important piece of online safety is YOU THE USER. All the security software and firewalls in the world won’t help if you act like an idiot online. I have been fortunate. No problems I have noticed.

  5. Using Chrome, the windows actually open quicker,search quicker and open, all others are slowerand some times do not open. As for people who say they do not get problems from being on the net, do a virus command line scan in safe mode before you actually say your computer is still safe. that is my opinion and I have been chasing malware for two weeks. This is what people want to stamp out, not wether a browser is safe.

  6. I kind of like firefox. I do have an issue with my ISP, they do not let me access theire on-line website, unless it is thru IE. otherwise, I have no trouble with fire fox. just remember that you do need to use IE, in order to upgrade firefox. the firefox upgrades will not download correctly, if the old version of firefox is left on the computer. erase the old version in order to install the upgrade, you will need IE. I had a lot of trouble with IE, mostly due to issues more to do with some fire walls/ anti malware programs. IE: when use spy bot S& D, never use more than teatimer part of that program.

  7. Have run 2 pc’s at a time (total 6) for the last 10+ years. Have always used Firefox and kept auto updates OFF. Always used a firewall and AV programs. No problems until I bought latest Dell pc which came with Win 7 installed – am reinstalling old pc which had Win XP and Firefox as win 7 was too much of a change to handle.Never had a problem with IE as I never use it. Win XP still works OK.

  8. I also haven’t really had any problems with Windows 7, running IE8. I have two laptops that are using it too. Along with my security I can’t remember the last time I got spam, or any type of viruses and the like. And I also understand at times the computer will run slow. I tried running FireFox and it was a nightmare, maybe I’m just used to IE. To each their own….

  9. I use IE8 and find it quite reliable and fast. I simply keep it updated and use a decent anti virus/firewall/browser checking program witch checks for updates once an hour[comes free with my isp]. Some pages load slower than others but that is to be expected, between the server and all of the security checks,But it’s worth the peace of mind.

  10. Too loud, too shrill, but above all too verbose. It took him over 4½ minutes to say that no browser is completely safe, and no browser is safer than any other. That was it. Printed text would have been much better. People could have skimmed it in less than half a minute.

  11. people do their marketing and will always shout atop their voices how good this or that is. if you are wise just ignore the hoolabalooh, use what you have. last week i went to a service provider who claimed “buy this modem, your edge thing is too slow”. just told the chap that i was not in a hurry so will come back when need for hurry arises.
    so chris, thanx for the bid

  12. Chris, as a 72 year old “newby” (2 years)I don’t understand all these problems some people have. I have been using IE8 with no problems. I keep everything up-dated and run avast and ad-aware. Sometimes being not-so-knowledgeable is good. However, you video was terrible.Too fast and too dramatic for these “old eyes”. Give it to me in text so I can keep up. Thanks

  13. Mike, There is an alternative to receiving MS Updates. IE is not the only game in town. Use Firefox (0.9.3 visit nice alternative. I tried with Firefox 3.6 and had issues so I dropped back to 0.9.3 and no problems.

  14. I don’t know what kind of web sites people are browsing to, but I have 3 computers, 2 running windows, 1 running Linux. My Windows boxes use IE and my Linux box uses Chrome. I run a ClamAV and a AdAware scan once a month and have NEVER come across a virus or spyware threat on any of these machines.

    It definitely is the user, not the browser.

  15. Saw your video on using internet Exployer, and I have to agree with you. I tried using the new and improved internet exployer 8, and I did’nt like it. Everytime I tried to go on a website, I got unable to get web page. I use google chrome, but I also use internet exployer through yahoo. I have no problems surfing the web. Do we really have to use internet exployer 8 by the end of the year? or can we just use another website. I have internet exployer 7, it came with my windows vista. No problems, and I don’t want to change over. Thanks for the response, and your advise. Lillian

  16. it always makes me ill when i see these clueless users bashing microsoft os or ie
    i’ve been using ms since 3.x and it has come a long way
    i’ve never been infected on any os ever

    maybe cause of were i don’t go

    ie does need malware cleaned ever heard of yahoo spyware cleaner or ad-aware both FREE turn off 3rd party cookies in ie and a copy of norton 360 then even the dumbest moron can use it safely to prove it i tested these on my brother inlaw dispite the fact he could f/u a crowbar in a sand box with him i’d give a 7 out of 10 before he was hopeless much like the clueless freeloader who don’t want to buy anything

    what else in your life is free
    or maybe you get what you pay for
    finally what ever syst you choose you still have to mantain it it’s no diff. from any other thing in your lives

  17. Nice response, Chris. that question is like asking if automobles are safe. It all depends on the user, the user’s needs and personal taste, as well as what the individual is used to. Keep up the good work. We need more geeks with common sense! 🙂 Remember the P in PC still stands for “Personal”.

  18. How can I say this very clearly/////
    I had a tech come over to do some minor things.. well he was her for 4 hours and when he left I had this stupid Firefox and it has MESSED up my computer totally///
    I can not begin to tell you what a mess it has made from me not being able to get into a lot of my sites such as MSN games that are saved in fav. nor can I download anyrhing now and the double clicking is driving me nutso along with the lag the double’s that come up I am pulling my hair out here.
    I can not even acess my add remove it is crazyyyyyyyy I want this crap off and my MSN back

  19. I stopped using Microsoft products back in July 2009.
    I switched to Linux.

    I get updates automatically, IF I want them.

    I usually don’t get updates because it works flawlessly.

    I will get a firefox update every once in a while, but rarely.

    I love not having to babysit the computer for viruses, trojans, etc.

    And best of all, it’s free. I can reinstall it any time without ‘authorization’. Most times, if I have anything I want to do to change something, I get free help any time.

  20. “Rose Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 12:58 pm
    If you use the Coral IE add-on for Firefox you can access the Microsoft update page and it works perfectly. That is how I do it. I never open IE for anything and my computer is completely up to date with the exception of IE 8 and service pack 3 which both caused so many problems that I had to use my backup software to retore to before these updates. I have not found one website that can’t be accessed with Firefox.”

    Just so you know, when you use Coral IE add on for Firefox you are actually browsing through Firefox using the IE engine. You might as well be using IE.

    “#3 Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 4:54 pm
    Upgraded to IE8…have problems all the time…how do I revert back to IE7…where is the compatability mode?”

    The compatability mode button can be found just to the right of the address bar in IE8 (it looks like a torn piece of paper). There are three buttons “Compatability View, Reload and Stop”

  21. I support an enterprise with 1600 users, the vast majority of which are Windows XP SP3 with IE 8, the rest are also Windows Vista with IE 8. Users are the biggest enemy of any browser period. IE bashing is just plain ignorance.

  22. When I upgraded to IE8 my (admittedly elderly) computer slowed to a snail’s pace. I went back to IE7 and everything sped up. I’ll get a new computer when it suits me and I can afford it. I might try IE8 again then. In the mean time, no thank you to IE8! I went back to the store where I purchased my computer to get rid of IE8 and had to pay but it was worth every penny to get rid of 8.

  23. Chris, I know these simple questions seem elementary to you, but try not to make your answers demeaning to those of us, who are in the “baby” steps of computing. You are obviously “the man” so help us out and spread your knowledge happily to those willing enough to listen to you. BTW Seriously, thanks for sharing!

  24. Nice explaination, but the presentation is a bit too theatrical for most people to listen too. they will tune out after 1 minute.
    I don’t know what most of these people are talking about that IE8 is unstable. I often have 5-10 pages open in Tabs(really nice feature) Even my XP windows desktop computer is not unstable, even with multiple programs open as well as running World of Warcraft, I usually reboot about once a week, and keep it powered on 24/7. We have 4 people sharing the same PC and my wife and kids who all have other up to date computers to use prefer mine. I keep it upto date with microsoft updates, they don’t, I use AVIRA antivirus and spybots&d to keep me reasonably clean, they don’t, . I have an Intel 2.4GHz CPU that is now 4 years old with about 2GB of RAM. I hate my daughters Vista laptop when it is always going to a black screen between program selections and the firefox explorer drives me crazy because it’s not compatable with many government websites. The Macbook has been in/out of the shop 4 times in the last 1 1/2 years. keep it up todate like Chris suggests and you will have a lot less problems.

  25. IE8 is unstable. I got it under control, but only after tweaking it for a few weeks. lol I use Firefox for every day use. It loads pages 5x faster then IE8. Where’s their claim of faster coming from?

  26. If you use the Coral IE add-on for Firefox you can access the Microsoft update page and it works perfectly. That is how I do it. I never open IE for anything and my computer is completely up to date with the exception of IE 8 and service pack 3 which both caused so many problems that I had to use my backup software to retore to before these updates. I have not found one website that can’t be accessed with Firefox.

  27. Ikeep internet explorer 8 open for automatic updates, and browse the web with Mozilla Firefox. I had lots of problems when I updated to IE8, Comcast suggested I go to Firefox and I’m very happy with that advice!

  28. Pirillo is not video ready. His voice volume varies and he has a creepy way of talking. I won’t watch another video by him. I’d rather read and not want to think about throwing a pie in his face! Too much a geek for me.

  29. Its certainly been less than a couple of clicks with a finger that has turned 89% of all computers today into malware infected botnets without the users even knowing it, and 99% of these are running insecure applications anyway. It has been estimated that up to one quarter of all personal computers connected to the internet may be part of a botnet. Always remember that Computers are the most intelligent idiots known to man…ever wondered how the spam gets sent around?

  30. IE8 and Yahoo mail don’t get along well. With IE8 our family cannot log onto several different yahoo email accounts and switch back and forth to pick up our email. IE7 and previous versions work fine so can’t upgrade.

  31. IE8 and Yahoo mail won’t let us log on to multiple Yahoo accounts and then switch between them for our email. Forced to stay with IE7 for that reason.

  32. Mike, yes I keep both browsers healthy. Firefox updates and takes care of itself, I don’t have to think about it’s maintenance. And my PC is set to get High Priority updates automatically from Microsoft. I don’t see a problem with this at all. What are we talking about?–a couple of “clicks” with your finger? I’ve been shoveling snow out of a driveway for 5 days now. I weigh 112 lbs. and I’m 52 years old. Why don’t you stop by and give me a hand?

  33. Is is me or is IE8 totally unstable? It hangs or crashes constantly, and is slow to load sites, and I see this not just on my computer but on many others that I touch. IE8 may be more secure than 7 or 6, but it sure seems to come with a price.

  34. After encountering log on problems after XP update 2 years ago I stopped ALL updates without repercussions. Only recently was I motivated to play catch up after a minor nuisance event, but only intend to update once a year. Haven’t found it necessary to reformat a laptop which is still running XP install from March 2006.

  35. Don’t think that using Firefox or any other browser gets you a pass on windows updates. You have to use IE to get these updates. You have to update Internet Explorer even if you use Firefox or any other browser because Windows uses IE for many other purposes. Thus malware can still reach your system through IE whether you actually open the program or not. So there you are.. two browsers to update instead of one…no thanks.

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