Chris Pirillo Video: Will XP Programs Run in Windows 7?

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12 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Video: Will XP Programs Run in Windows 7?

  1. Hey guys, I have a 9 mo old HP desk top, Windows 7 Home premium, an AMD Athlon II X2 processor, 500 GB HD, 8 MB ram, with an ATI Radeon HD 4350 and I can run XP programs at will, most run flawlessly others I run in compatability mode, everything works fine. When my old XP computer died I thought I would never be able to see my XP programs again short of building my own and buying an XP OS for it but what I was told was that 7 can run XP so I bought it, 9 months no problems.

  2. Currently I have Windows XP on my C drive and Windows 7 Pro on the D drive and they both seem to be operating OK. However, I do get glitches every now and then, but I have backups handy. I have 2 gigs RAM and that works just fine. Both C and D drives have a total of about 200 gigs and I have an AMD 64 graphics Processor. I’m still finding my way around both systems, though my Windows XP runs a little better than Windows 7 Pro. Anyone have suggestions?

  3. there is actually a way you can install xp mode on home premium. when you download it you tell ms a little lie that you have the pro or ultimate version. when you have downloaded the 2 files unzip them with winrar or similar to a new folder then click on the setup file within this new folder. this will then install the xp mode software. the only problem i have is that i cannot set xp mode from within the folder BUT if you have hardware that you cannot get a win 7 driver for you may be lucky and find that it will work. this happened to me. the game port on my creative audigy soundcard does not work in native win 7 mode but was fully reconized when i installed the win xp mode software. this could be useful in a few circumstances.

  4. Chris,

    I have been using Windows for a long time and am use to the file stucture of My Documents. Now I have to go into 3 different Documents to get to my files. ie: libraries, document, My Documents or Public Documents. Is there some setting that I can eliminate some of the different layers? Thanks. Rob Lenz

  5. You have not answered the question if a program that I have will only run in XP does the Windows 7 Pro have to be installed as 32bit or will it matter if I install Windows 7 Pro in 64 bit mode.

  6. Please update your video to make it clear that not all flavors of WIN7 can run XP mode and that there are hardware requirements as well. So far you’ve painted an incomplete picture.

  7. Chris ..
    I downloaded the microsoft XP mode a long time ago thinking it would be kewl to have an use when needed. I am running windows 7 Ultimate but I got an error when trying to run it. The only way you can use XP mode is if your system has hardware assisted virtualization which my system says I do not have. Now unless you have a work around for this your information is not viable for every user ..


  8. You suggest the people who use windows 7 should download the program windows xp mode so that they can run old programs that work well on xp. Well Chris I have news for youYOU CAN ONLY USE THIS WINDOS XP MODE ONLY IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 7 PRO OR ULTIMATE.It will not work on windows 7 home premuim edition.

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