PC Pitstop on Facebook

The Pit Crew has buckled to overwhelming peer pressure and joined the 200 million users on Facebook.

Please join the PC Pitstop group to share your experiences with our products, content, services and more.

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2 thoughts on “PC Pitstop on Facebook

  1. I wish I was smarter. I am on facbook and the only time I go to facebook is when some one ask me to check this or that or confirm as a friend.
    It does kind of worry me about all the information on facebook. Then again, I had lost contact with my mothers brother and his daughter found me on facebook and I was able to call him. I had lost contact with his daughter slao and now we talk a lot on the phone. So scary,,, yes—blessed,,,,yes.
    So in the end I don’t know. I am afraid of facebook.

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