Florida Town Pays Hackers $600k and Still Replace Their Devices

Riveria Beach in Florida has been attacked with ransomware. Although the exact variant is unknown, the ransom demands were disclosed. According to city council members, the hackers requested a payment of $600,000 in order to decrypt the locked files. The city paid it, in an effort to restore their network as quickly as possible. In […]

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Three Weeks After Ransomware Attack, County Courthouse is Still Recovering

The Luzerne County Courthouse was hit with ransomware on May 25, 2019. The exact ransomware variant that infiltrated their networks has not been disclosed, nor has the ransom demand. However, the county’s IT staff has been working tirelessly to rebuild the networks, and hope to have them back to full capacity this week. Although the […]

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36% of Hotel Business Leaders Claim Breaches Are “No Big Deal”

You read that right. One in three business leaders in the hotel industry categorized breaches as “no big deal” or “blown out of proportion”. Perhaps this mentality would be okay if a business, hotel or not, didn’t store their customer’s personal or financial data. However, that is not feasible for any business. At the time […]

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Being Reactive is Foolish When Prevention is Possible

Protect your PC

If there was an immunization for cancer, would you get it? Of course, you would. It makes sense to focus on prevention when it is possible. Unfortunately, this immunization doesn’t exist. What does this have to do with cyber security? PC Matic CEO, Rob Cheng, has shared his views of ransomware and believes it is […]

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U.S. Cyber Command Inserts Malicious Code in Russian Power Grid

U.S. Takes Proactive Measure to Thwart Russian Attacks The U.S. Cyber Command is attempting to minimize the realization of Russian cyber attacks by taking a preemptive strike against Russian power grids and other targets. Due to the sensitivity on the matter, very few details are being released. But here’s what we do know. The U.S. […]

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20+ Million Individuals Impacted by Massive Data Breach

Security lock

Hackers Breach Networks of One of the Largest Medical Collection Agencies in the U.S. The American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) collects delinquent funds from patients of major health corporations like Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, BioReference Laboratories and more. As part of their collection efforts, the company houses patient files for millions of U.S. patients. Unfortunately, their […]

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Ohio Clinic Pays $75K Ransom But Loses Even More in Lost Revenues

Ohio’s NEO Urology Clinic Paid Ransom Yet Networks Remained Down For Days Even after paying the $75,000 ransom demands, the networks at Boardman Ohio’s NEO Urology Clinic remained down for days. According to Health IT Security, the clinic was hit with an unnamed ransomware variant earlier this month; however, due to its “complexity”, the clinic’s […]

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Lake City, Florida Becomes Latest Ransomware Victim

The City of Lake City Became Riddled with Ransomware This week has been a tough one for public municipalities in the war against ransomware. Earlier this week, news broke of two Texas towns being hit with ransomware, and now, the city of Lake City, Florida has become the latest target. Lake City was infected with […]

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Ransomware Attack Riddles Online Court Systems

Another Ransomware Attack Strikes Pennsylvania Court System On May 21, 2019 an unknown ransomware variant has attacked the Philadelphia online court systems. As a precautionary measure the city took the court systems offline. One of the biggest concerns facing the Philadelphia residents is for those attempting to postpone the repossession of their assets. In order […]

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Ransomware Continues to Spread, Hitting Non-Profits and Municipalities

Hackers Continue to Spread Ransomware Campaigns Throughout the U.S. Just yesterday news broke of a ransomware attack that hit the town of Edcouch in Texas. Now today another Texas city has confirmed they too have been hit with ransomware. City officials of Laredo have confirmed their city’s networks with riddled with an unknown ransomware variant. […]

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More Threats Facing Mobile Devices


New Malicious Software Exploiting Passwords on Mobile Devices Researchers have discovered a new way hackers can worm their way into your mobile devices. The latest malicious threat creates the ability for cyber criminals to hack into microphones of smartphones and tablets. Upon doing so, they are able to record the sounds of the keys chosen […]

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Was This Texan Town Targeted with Ransomware Due to Pending Investigations?

Edcouch, Texas was hit with ransomware approximately two weeks ago, and the timing is rather interesting… Towards the end of May, another public municipality was hit with ransomware. The town of Edcouch, located in Texas, was the victim of a cyber attack, which targeted the town’s water department records. The city was asked to pay […]

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Fortune 500 IT Company, Tech Data, Suffers Security Breach

IT Firm, Tech Data, Suffers Data Leak Tech Data, a Fortune 500 distribution company specializing in IT products and services, has suffered a security breach. As a result of the cyber attack, customer and billing data has potentially been compromised. Shortly after the security breach was identified, the company was able to secure the exposed […]

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Millions of Open RDP Ports: Are you controlling yours?

According to Shodan, the search engine for internet-connected devices, there are over 2.4 million Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ports currently open to the internet. Are yours included? RDP has become a favorite attack vector for cybercriminals to leverage or exploit. It’s simple to see why, with RDP access a cyber-criminal can take full control of […]

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Another RDP Vulnerability Found, But Microsoft Won’t Patch It

As cyber attacks using remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports become more common, one would think developers would be diligent about keeping these ports secure. As it turns out, that isn’t the case. Microsoft has been notified of a security gap found within RDP ports of Windows 10 starting version 1803 and Server 2019 or newer. […]

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Criminals Retire Profitable Ransomware Variant GandCrab


$2B Later – GandCrab is Going Dark The creators of GandCrab are informing all of their affiliates and victims, the ransomware will be retired in the next 20 days. Along with that, all of their victim’s decryption keys will be deleted. Creating a sense of urgency for their victims, it may lead to a final […]

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100+ Fast Food Restaurants Suffer Data Breach

Fast Food Eatery Suffers Nationwide Data Breach Checkers, also known as Rally’s, is a fast-food restaurant located throughout the United States. Although its claim to fame was its burgers and fries, it’s now gaining recognition for something less appetizing. Late last week, the company confirmed select point-of-sale (PoS) systems were infected with malware. This has […]

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New RDP Vulnerability Recently Discovered

Microsoft Scrambles to Issue Patch for New RDP Security Hole A new vulnerability was discovered within remote desktop protocol (RDP) ports, although the technical details of the gap are being kept under wraps. We do know, the vulnerability found impacts Windows Server 2008 and Window 7, as well as out-of-support versions Windows 2003 and XP. […]

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