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Unlike any industry in the history of the world, the PC industry evolves at an incredible pace. At PC Pitstop, we have been tracking each and every trend related to CPUs, memory, storage, graphics, Windows, and bandwidth.

With tens of millions of PC’s in our database, Pitstop’s market research capabilities are unprecedented in terms of cost, depth, breadth, and accuracy. We have a front seat to all the most exciting trends in computing.

The charts are rendered dynamically so they are always up to date. We believe that our research capabilities are unparalleled in the PC industry and can complement your existing research. Please consider us for your market research needs.

    Microsoft Windows 7 OS - Still Going Strong

    March 09, 2016 by Kayla Thrailkill in Research,tips
    windows 7 marches on

    Operating System Adaptation Trends

    As Microsoft continues with a steady stream of operating system options and service packs, we here at PC Pitstop, have an insider's view into the world of Microsoft Windows. In particular, we have a front row seat to the rate at which Microsoft's latest operating systems are accepted into the market place.

    With Alternative OS Upgrades Available, Windows 7 Still Going Strong

    According to the data PC Pitstop is able to accumulate based upon the operating systems of our software users, it has been found that Windows 7 is still being utilized by a large percentage of users.  The real-time statistics shown below display how Microsoft Windows 7 is still going strong, even with two alternative upgrades, Windows 8 and Windows 10, available.
    Home users decrease Windows 7 use at a faster rate than businesses...Since the start of 2014, personal home use of Microsoft Windows 7 has decreased at a steady rate, until early 2015 where a drop off occurred.  On the other hand, business users increased their use of Windows 7 use, until early 2015.  At that time, businesses joined the trend and Windows 7 use significantly decreased.  However, roughly 45% of businesses continue to use the Windows 7 OS.

    Windows 7 Usage - Home v Business

    PC Pitstop Customers' Radio Listening Habits

    February 24, 2016 by Lyle in Research
    How does radio affect your purchasing decisions? A January 2016 PC Pitstop survey reveals America's radio listening habits.

    How much do you listen to the radio? How likely are you to respond to a radio advertisement? In preparation for running a radio advertising campaign test for PC Matic, PC Pitstop was interested in the role that radio plays in the lives of our customers and potential customers.PC Pitstop included a survey link in a January 2016 weekly newsletter to determine how people interact with the sound waves bouncing around our atmosphere. Below is a summary of what we discovered.

    Survey Methodology Overview

    The survey link was distributed via one of our weekly newsletters. The newsletter is sent to all of our customers and web site visitors that have opted in to receive it. There were 687 people that responded to the survey. 116 responded that they do not listen to the radio and those folks exited the survey at that point. The responders skewed towards male, representing 83% of the total sample. The survey also was skewed towards older folks, with over 54% identifying themselves as age 65 or older. 1.4% of the responders were under age 35 and those responses were removed from the age group analyses as being statistically too small of a sample to draw any accurate conclusions.

    Almost 17 Percent of Folks Don't Tune In

    When asked if they listened to the radio, approximately 83% of folks overall, indicate that they listen at least once a week.


    For People that Listen to the Radio

    Of the people that listen to the radio, more than 46% listen every day. The older one gets, the less amount of time they spend listening to the Radio. The survey also showed that men listen slightly more frequently and for more hours than women.



    Terrestrial AM / FM Broadcast is Most Popular

    People are still tuning in to AM / FM signals. It is interesting the the 65 and older group are more likely to listen to satellite radio. This may likely be a function of disposable income.


    Listening to the radio in one's vehicle is not surprisingly a popular location to tune in. Approximately 10% of pre-retirement age people listen at work.


    The working age groups are tuning in during their morning commute. Retirement age people are listening more during the daytime hours. Music is the most popular type of programming across all age groups. Talk Shows come in second and are actually the most popular during the over night listening hours. Women tend to listen to music more than men. Men tune into News /Sports News more than women.





    Station loyalty appears to increase with age.


    Radio Ad Responsiveness Appears to Decrease with Age

    Almost 60% of the 65 and over age group don't recall ever responding to a Radio Ad. Men are less likely to respond to a radio ad than women.



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    PC Pitstop Research: Windows 7 Still Going Strong

    April 25, 2012 by The Pit Crew in Press,Research
    windows 7 marches on

    Exclusive research from PC Pitstop documents the continued growth of Windows 7.