Windows Talk: 5 Reasons You Should Never Fix a Computer for Free

5 reasons you should never fix a pc for free

If you know how to fix a broken computer, people with broken computers think you’re some kind of god. Your friends and family will flock to you with their computer problems. While you love them and will gladly help them, you should never do it for free. Here are five very important reasons why.

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Windows Talk: Tablets and Laptops to watch in 2012

tablets and laptops to watch in 2012

While 2011 was the year when touchscreen tablet computers finally exploded onto the scene, 2012 will be the year when tablets and laptops go head to head for the hearts of consumers. Already, much talk and practice has been had with tablets as a business tool to replace laptops while the normal consumer like a student or a family may easily consider a tablet before a laptop. The following tablets and laptops will be the models to watch in 2012 as they may be the final straw to tip the scales or at least offer users a good time trying it out.

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