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How to Fight a Malware War


A tip-filled conversation with Andrew Brandt, director of threat research at Solera Networks, reveals some of the ways hackers sneak malware into PCs.

Two free alternatives to Microsoft Office


There are very few alternatives to Microsoft Office. Two — Open Office and LibreOffice — provide the core functionality of classic versions of Microsoft Office and are completely free!

Tech Support-call Cons


“Hello. This is Microsoft Tech Support. Your PC has notified us that it has an infection.” The call is a scam — an extremely prevalent one. Here’s how it works and what you need to know to stay out of the trap.

Preparing an Old PC for Donation


Part One of this Windows Secret’s House Call tackles preparing an old system for donation.

Popular Encryption Systems Cracked


Legit software unlocks BitLocker-, TrueCrypt-, and other encrypted files.

Why everyone should be concerned about Java


The latest Java doesn’t eliminate the chances of catching a Java exploit.

Controlling How and When Services Run

Windows’ Services tool gives you very fine control over how and when your system services run.

Data Centers Fight Back from Sandy

During and after the storm Internet providers scrambled to remain online.

Surviving Your First Hour with Windows 8

Win8 is unique among Windows versions; every experienced Windows user will feel significant disorientation on that first journey into the new OS.

Shocking Amounts of Windows 8 Misinformation

During recent travels around the western U.S., I asked many computer salespeople about Windows 8 — and was truly shocked at inaccurate information provided about the new OS.

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