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Configure Windows Search for Max Productivity

How to configure Windows Search for maximum productivity.

Complete Guide to System Restore

System Restore has improved over time and become a reliable path to recovery.

Super Charge Your AMD Graphics Card

The adventure of pushing your graphics card to the absolute limit.

8 Reasons Windows 8 Sucks

The frustrations of Windows 8 users tend to follow these 8 lines of reasoning.

Firefox In Decline

Is there a good explanation for the recent dip in Firefox market share?

Avoiding Potentially Unwanted Programs

The key to avoiding the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) – lies within YOU.

6 Reasons to Love Windows 8

Richard Pedersen breaks down his love for Windows 8.

Almost Forgot I Was Using Windows 8

With just a little time and effort – you too may forget you are using Windows 8.

Encrypt Messages The Snowden Way

Edward Snowden used this method to encrypt messages to journalists regarding the largest national security leak in US history.

The Right to Be Forgotten

European courts are awarding individuals the ‘right to be forgotten’ –on search engines.

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