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Another Great Way to Avoid Crapware

An online service that will help you avoid the additional crapware that tags along with many software installs.

Downside of Ad Blocking

Many of your favorite sites probably depend on revenue from those ads you are blocking.

Free Crapware Prevention Tool

We recently asked our TechTalk contributors to recommend a favorite FREE application or tool that they currently use. This post is the Dave’s Computer Tips response to our request.

How to Keep Your PC Cool

The Do’s and Don’ts for keeping your computer cool.

Complete a Windows 8.1 Refresh


Those upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 should learn how to do a PC Refresh.

5 Basic Yet Very Useful Windows 7 Tips


As a growing number of XP users move to Windows 7, no better time to learn some basic but very useful tips.

Fix 4 Windows 7 Annoyances

windows 7 repair and recovery

How to fix four things about Windows 7 that may be annoying you.

Why You Should Abandon Windows XP Now


A new security report from Microsoft offers further evidence that a move away from Windows XP is a good idea.

Is Freeware Really Free

4 new cool freeware finds

When is Free Software – not really Free? What qualifies as Freeware and what does not.

Death by Toolbar


Far too often free software is packaged with additional junk.

Scan with PC Matic

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