Chris Pirillo: Which Music Subscription Service Do You Use?

which music subscription service should you use<

Music streaming services aplenty exist on the Internet to suit every taste — no matter how eclectic. Whether you like Last.FM, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, Magnatune, or one of the others, you probably have your reasons for sticking with your preference. Here are some reasons why one person made the switch from Rhapsody to Spotify.

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Chris Pirillo: Quality of Google Search Results Decline?

decreased google search quality

Google has introduced its answer to just about every popular Internet technology it can, providing us with alternative operating systems, alternative social networking platforms, and alternative productivity applications. Now Google intends to alter the bread and butter of its operation: its search. Has Google gone too far? Is Google getting too greedy?

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Chris Pirillo: Will You Upgrade to Windows 8?

Will you upgrade to Windows 8

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta) has been out for a couple days now, and speculation is running rampant as to whether or not consumers will consider Windows 8 a success, or just a second coming of the PR failure that was Windows Vista. Personally, I’m a long-time Windows user with a long history of early adoptions, disappointments, and through all of this have remained an optimist. With Windows 8, I’m still on the fence. While the beta gives us a good idea of what the final product might look like, one can only hope a lot changes take place between now and then. The biggest question facing Microsoft and its users is whether or not Windows 8 will be something consumers will accept.

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Chris Pirillo: What is the Oldest Computer You Own?

What is the Oldest Computer You Own?

While it’s easy to envy people who have all the money to get fancy new gadgets, devices, doohickeys, and suchlike on the day they’re launched, there are a few advantages to living behind the hardware curve that you may not have considered. After all, when your horse and buggy breaks down, who are you going to trust to fix it: the local BMW mechanic, or the Amish guy 20 miles outside of town?

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