Russian Hackers Breach UK Power Grid

Russian Hackers Believed to Cause Major Threat

It is believed, Russian hackers are behind the recent breach of the UK national power grid.  Although, no outages were reported, there are major concerns the hackers took critical information to implement a future attack.  Without knowing what information, if any, was taken, it is difficult to determine the magnitude of potential future attacks.

The Daily Mail reported, the hackers are using Ireland as their testing ground for their cyber weapons.  It is believed they are targeting the Ireland due to the country housing major global business operations for companies such as Apple and Facebook.

Leaving the World Uneasy…

Unfortunately, worldwide cyber attacks have become a popular topic, ever since the first global ransomware attack, WannaCry, in mid-May.  A month later, a handful of countries were hit with a major cyber weapon, NotPetya.  Although this was a form of ransomware, it was also deemed a cyber weapon used merely for destruction.  NotPetya corrupted master boot records, which were left beyond repair, even if the victims paid the ransom demands.

Now, the UK’s national power grid has been hacked, with the impact unknown.  With the growing cyber threats, it seems as though the IT world is left holding its breath waiting for the next round.  While they wait — what will they do?  Perhaps it is time to begin finding a better security solution that will effectively block these attacks, keeping company data safe and secure.

The Right Solution

Not every security solution is the same.  It is best to determine what kind of solution is needed to best meet the security needs of the user and/or company.  For example, some security solutions are just an antivirus program.  Others include different features, including performance optimization tools, automated maintenance, and patch management, to name a few.  There are also different malware detection methods, including blacklist technology and whitelist technology.  Do you know which will best meet the end-user’s needs, while keeping data secure?  Instead of spending thousands or even millions of dollars on more security, find a solution that best fits the user and/or organization’s needs.


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