New Malware Found in 40 Apps in Google Play Store


A new malware, DressCode, was found on the Google Play Store…

Forty different applications within the Google Play Store were found to have malware in them.  This malware infection did not only impact Google Play; 400 other application on third-party sites were also found to be malicious.  The impact of this malware attack is not entirely known; however according to SC Magazine, the impact ranges between 500,000 and two million infections.

The DressCode malware is designed to request internal information from internal networks these phones, tablets and PCs connect to.  This is troublesome, because you could get an infection at home, but when you bring your device to the workplace and connect to the internal network there, all of that information could then become accessible to the hackers.

A few of the applications that were found to be malicious were: Dress up Musa Winx, Dress up princess Apple White, Forsaken House and Dark Goddess.  If you believe you may have been infected, it is important to run a security scan immediately.

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