PC Matic Includes Adblocker Technology

By: David Austin

To protect our customers from fraudulent activity & malware concealed inside web advertising, we have developed an adblocking tool as part of PC Matic. Not only does it filter out Ads that appear on web pages that are intrusive and undesirable, it also cuts down on the amount of bandwidth being used, improving your overall web browsing experience.

After installing PC Matic, when you open your browser, PC Matic’s adblocker will spring into action.

The adblocker is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Internet Explorer – the ad blocking feature will run on its own with no prompts. A shield icon will show in the lower right corner of the Internet Explorer browser window.

Firefox & Chrome users – a pop will prompt you with ‘PC Matic is trying to install an extension/add on, click allow to allow this’. Once you allow it, there will be a SuperShield logo at the top right of the browser, if it is green it is blocking, if it’s red it is not blocking.
adblocker 1adblocker 2
To read more about additional features offered with the PC Matic subscription, you can read the full User Guide here: https://www.pcpitstop.com/userguides/PCMatic_ref.pdf

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8 thoughts on “PC Matic Includes Adblocker Technology

  1. Since downloading PC Matic my computer is running very slow. I need to speak to a tech! How can I reach one by phone?

    • Unfortunately, we do not offer phone based support. In our 16+ years of business, we have found online support to be the most efficient and effective for our customers. You may submit a help desk ticket at http://www.pcmatic.com/help.

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